♫♫ It’s raining men ♫♫ oops meant ♫♫ It’s raining Sullivans  ♫♫

This past week, I was on a marathon run meeting the California and Seattle Sullivans. They are quite a brood keeping me on my toes, with a flurry of emotions, pain and love leaving me greedy for more!!!!

Thank god!!! Looks like Bella gave me a short reprieve ( a few weeks) before I have Lori waltzing in with her moves!!!Image

By far I hold “Just To Be With You” and “Come A Little Closer”, very close to my heart. I was closely associated with entertainment, in front as well as behind the camera, I have friends who are still in the entertainment industry and have seen up close and personal, the fanatics, the paparazzi and the whole nine yards of the crazies in that field.

Both the stories may be of movie artists, yet they are so different – one on the sets of Hollywood and the other in the boardroom of Seattle. What really had me so attached is the simple storyline of larger than life people, yet so very down to earth and just simple good people.

ImageMovie stars are just as normal people and so are billionaires. Smith and Valentina, Ian and Tatiana – you just cannot not love them as they battle insecurities and pain, uncertainties and paparazzi, jealousy and hurt for loved ones, with tenacity to get their balance of normalcy in their lives. Smith and Ian will remain as my super favorite brothers, sons and lovers of all times.

“The Way You Look Tonight” (Rafe/Brooke) and “Let Me Be The One” (Ryan/Vicki) – ultra sweet stories of reacquainting with childhood friends, finding that spark of love still existing and stoking that tiny spark to a fire of unconditional love and support, these two were such great reads, deliciously so. As much as they are fictional characters, I am very happy to say such people do exist. Image

What can I say about “It Must Be Your Love”? This story had happiness written all over it. As much Ford and Mia had trouble getting together, I felt it was the easiest hurdle they had 😉 Ford was the ‘THE ROCKSTAR’ all way round and loved the vivacious and witty Mia. I loved the coming together of the whole family especially Mary Sullivan being at the helm of the wedding ceremony – so sweet, so unconventional, so precious. Adam and Dylan were adorable and can’t wait to read their HEAs. Ian was a big-brother-force to reckon with and the sparks between him and Tatiana was yummylicious!!!!

ImageBElI love large families. I come from a large family. But sometimes life happens, and we go in so many different paths, different continents and I miss what we used to have before. One of the reasons why I hold the Sullivans so close to me is their large family of brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts – always there to support and lend a voice and a shoulder when needed, no questions asked!

For readers who have not being introduced to this series…go on….grab ’em real fast…..u’ll not be disappointed at all 🙂