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I’ve read Sharon Sala before and I like her books. Always based on faith and hope, and of small towns with their idiosyncrasies, care and support, her stories always leave my heart warm and content of an happy ending.


“A Piece Of My Heart”, the fourth book in her Blessings, Georgia Series, is a story of second chances, tenacity and the willingness to open your heart to possibilities even in bad situations.

Having being shuttled from foster home to foster home, Mercy Dane finally becomes her own person as she becomes an adult, working in a bar. But a night of extraordinary circumstances take her to Blessings, Georgia to donate blood to a victim for a chance to live, and brings her face-to-face with her own sister separated during adoption. Having survived on her own for so many years, Mercy has some rough edges to smooth out and Blessings Police Chief Lon Pittman is the perfect complement.

Lon Pittman is after the biker who comes racing into Blessings, but comes face to face with a past that he could never forget. Having helped Mercy a long time ago and a night of unforgettable passion, fate seems to have given him a second chance to give him his heart’s desire and life mate. An honest and hardworking lawman, he would make sure Mercy is protected and given all the happiness she finally deserves.

Sharon Sala gives a really heartwarming story of two sisters reuniting, of a small town opening their hearts to new people and giving a chance for two people to make a future.

Received a copy from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.

Sapphire Falls is just not letting up the heat, as the residents seem to fall down like flies with love and passion. Erin Nicholas has teased with enough of Peyton and Scott to make the readers salivate for another charming love story and no disappointment there.


Peyton Wells and Scott Hansen have danced around each other enough to cause a nuclear combustion and when circumstances place Peyton in Scott’s home to take care of him after getting shot, the story is just getting started.

There’s enough passion and heat between the sheets to accelerate the heart, but what I really loved is the way Erin weaved in the emotional aspect of a relationship between them. As Peyton honestly faces her fears of insecurities of childhood and dysfunctional parents, Scott adds his patience and protectiveness to the equation, giving strength, confidence and safety.

Reading an author/writer who creates characters that give you feelings of mischief, spunk, sass and humor, without even reading the full story? Well Erin Nicholas does, and it’s just not her main characters, even her secondary characters have so much depth and roots in a story, it’s hard not to be involved with them when they appear in the story.

And having the other characters make an appearance is always an orgasmic pleasure and reading any love story in Sapphire Falls is a balm to the heart…. always positive, friendly, supportive and caring.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.


The sister writer/author duo of Melanie and Shawna need no introduction. Pros at creating charming love stories that stoke the hearts of the readers; their latest release is no disappointment for sure.


Wishing Well, Texas is deserving of its name, as couples seem to be finding their wishes coming true, and finding their HEAs. And Wishing Well’s regular cowboy Colton McCord is riding the celebrity high. A high that he doesn’t seem to enjoy, as the love of his life is not with him, and a situation that’s going to change now as Bella Connor makes an appearance at his sister’s wedding leaving him gasping for breath.

Returning to Wishing Well to settle her grandfather’s things brings bittersweet memories to Bella Connor, and the handsome cowboy still leaves her breathless as ever. Circumstances place Bella in close proximity to Colton’s reality TV show, and old sparks ignite into flammable passion. Things seem to fall into place, but Bella and Colton need to put their painful history to rest to give their love a new lease of life.

As always, another love story from Melanie Shawn “Claiming Colton” is a sweet ride of a love story, heartfelt, content and just pure gratification!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

I’ve read Destiny Bay’s first in the series, “Last Kiss Of Summer” and thought it was real good. But Marina Adair’s second in the series, “Feels Like The First Time” is even better than the first. And I definitely think it’s the chemistry between the characters.


I honestly don’t know why, but from the first page onwards Bradley Hawk was just this super hunk of a guy with a funny bone and mushy heart, and Ali Marshall is like Tinker Bell. The chemistry between these two is just pure magic, never mind that Hawk is Ali’s sister’s ex-husband…just schematics right?

With her sister Bridget breezing into town with plans of getting married, and her estranged mother making her presence felt, Ali has her hands full dealing with dramatics and with her brain all muddled, Hawk and she end up in a fake relationship. And the fun starts. One lie leads to another, one kiss becomes two and more, and before they know, they are far gone in the game of love.

The dialogues are pure pleasure tickling with humor and sensuality, the chemistry between Ali and Hawk is yummilicious, and the plot is rich with emotions and depth, and it “Feels Like The First Time” to enjoy a spectacular romance from the sidelines.

Ali Marshal remains as one of my favorite characters and Marina Adair is becoming one of my to-go writers.

Received an ARC from Forever Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

Now this is a true and true fairytale of a love story. Truly “Miracle On 5th Avenue”!!!!

Sarah Morgan’s “From Manhattan With Love” series is utterly charming, whimsical and enchanting as three friends find their happily ever after.


Eva Jordan is a hopeless romantic and an extremely positive person, who always sees the good in people. A great cook and a business partner in “Urban Genie” along with her friends Paige and Frankie, she believes in romance, fairy tales and that one day her Prince Charming would come take her away in a carriage.

Enter Lucas Adams, bestselling crime writer, with a cynical attitude towards life is the complete opposite of Eva. Going through a writer’s block, and hiding away in his Manhattan penthouse, he has no idea what to do with Eva, when thrown together by his scheming grandmother.

Mr. Grouch meets Ms. Romantic, sparks fly, opinions spar, attraction flares, Eva becomes his inspiration to write, and Lucas makes a place in Eva’s heart. And what is left is for them is to figure our their differences and ride away in a carriage into the sunset.

Sarah Morgan did a stupendous job creating Eva and Lucas, polar opposites, making the story entertaining with their witty banter, the loneliness of Eva, the fears of Lucas and the depth of emotions. My favorite of the series so far.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.

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