Moments N’ Years Soared Swift

PrecociousTo An Exquisite Gift

Timeless Memories As Souvenir

In Sparkles N’ Flashes Appear 

With Poise N’ Calm

Allow Nature Be A Balm

Let Life Be A Teacher

Beliefs Your Preacher

Keep Your Word As Breathed

True To Yourself Be Wreathed

Comparisons Never Are Kind

Allow Dreams To Bind

Be Happy In Your Heart

Forgive N’ Kind In Word

Graceful As A Hummingbird

Embrace Yourself As Heard

Always Make Time For You

Shoo Away Any Days Blue

Cocktails N’ Chocolate Shakes

Salon, Spa N’ Cheesecakes

Parents Proud You’ve Made Us

21 Years A Rioting Plus

Forward Step With Aspiration

Cheering You With Inspiration

Happy 21st Birthday Pratiksha!!!