“There is no place in a fanatic’s head where reason can enter”…..Napoleon Bonaparte
And I would not have said it any better than the great Napoleon himself! I had to pen my thoughts on this topic, frustrating as it may sound; this is slowly rooting itself in my brain and had to attack it before I get consumed by the sheer audacity and utter crap of chaos of this so called fanaticism.
I am a fan, an admirer. I may love something with the very depth of my soul. I can be passionate about issues and passionate about things that matter to my family and me. Yet I don’t ever remember, ever crossing the line of reality of humanity into the unreal world of inhumanity.
There is a variety of professions in this world and every profession comes with a baggage. Every profession is accepted within its boundaries and the people involved are very much aware of the pros and cons of what they have taken up in life. They shall deal with the consequences of their profession, in their own way. As an outsider of a particular profession, and as humans, have been raised to respect people, their stature and their decisions and their feelings.
It pains me sometimes to see even well educated, intellectual people crossing that line of decency and humanity. Makes me wonder, if this is what we were raised to believe in; to mistreat another human being? Is this what our parents had instilled in us; to talk about others or their behavior in a way that would bring shame to our very own parentage and moral values? Have we as humans, become so arrogant and obnoxious, that we do not see anything beyond our own warped thinking? Even God is not perfect and we are but just mere humans!
Of course I gossip! I sit with a group of friends and discuss issues, causes and any other subject or person that I am interested, we joke, we laugh; does not mean I cross the line of respect I have for the other person or subject. Besides what authority do I have, to even assume or pass derogatory remarks about anything or anyone, when the facts are not clear. What authority do I have to even make comments about personal lives? Mind you, I am not saying that I do not have an opinion or do not voice my distaste; it is done in a respectful manner within the limits of decency. If I am not perfect, then who the hell am I to sit in judgment of others!!!  If the younger generation and the present generation spent half the time they spend on assassinating other people’s lives and characters, into other more important issues that are plaguing the society, we would be living in a much better world and maybe, just maybe have done something good for our future generations.
God gave us brains, to use them reasonably, not to stop using them and follow blindly, the blind or the ignorant! Before you make your next nasty comment, stop a second and put yourself on the receiving end. Before you go make that next obscene or offensive remark, remember that you are wallowing in your own bucket of insecurities.  Before you go tagging those disgusting names to people, make sure you are not opening yourself to the same repugnant treatment in the future.
Fanaticism can be good, if it is channeled for the right causes and reasons. Don’t let fanaticism obliterate the feeling of humanity…..where we lose sight of empathy, compassion and love for other humans, the very essence of life of earth.