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Whiskey River has been pretty busy with the extension of friends, love that seems to stalk the friends with second chances and happily ever after’s. Here is another extension of the Whiskey River Series, Devil’s Rock At Whiskey River, starting off with the “Rebel Pilot Texas Doctor”.


Here’s another cute story of a rebel pilot wooing his high school friend, now a Texas doctor. A Whiskey River gala brings Travis Sullivan and Tobi Robinson face to face, and surprise…surprise…. hearts still flutter!!! Attraction simmers, love fires and before long, they are the new couple in town.

Like every love story, Tobi and Travis have some fears and personal trauma that needs to be laid to rest before they can finally find happiness with each other. And like every love story, they’ll find a way…. just as Eve Gaddy has a knack of narrating a sweet story and giving it a twist.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

If you haven’t read Pamela Clare, you definitely are missing some stunning stories and “Holding On” is another of her best works I’ve read.


Conquering mountains and Everest, surviving the loss of friends and guilt, coming home to family and friends, giving a chance to second live and love and is what makes “Holding On” another brilliant read.

Harrison Conrad lost immensely on that life-changing trek of Mt. Everest. Coming back to Scarlet Springs is only the beginning of a life he’s not sure he deserves. And with Kenzie Morgan in the midst of his close circle, guilt and attraction are at warring ends. Member of the K9 team of Search and Rescue, and with a successful dog training business, Kenzie loved Harrison forever and manipulating his recovery by saddling a dog and being supportive is her genius move.

As always, Pamela Clare brings to life two admirable characters with their imperfections and fear, courage and bravery, love and passion as they battle demons to build a future. “Holding On” is one brilliant book to hold on!

Received a copy from Pamela Clare via NetGalley for an honest review.

The Top 5 Reasons You Need A Manny by Jamie Beck

Thank you for inviting me to discuss my recent release, “WHEN YOU KNEW”, the final Cabot novel, which series has followed the siblings of a dysfunctional blended family as they each get second chances in life and love. Gentry Cabot, the youngest sibling and former wild child, carries a chip on her shoulder from being raised by nannies. But when a one-night stand with a stranger whose name she doesn’t know results in an unplanned pregnancy, she needs childcare help pronto. Enter Ian Crawford, a humanitarian EMT looking for a quick injection of cash before he heads back to Haiti. Gentry hires Ian on a temporary basis, and once he moves in, these two opposites start to bring out things in each other that neither expects.


Given her past, Gentry is conflicted about hiring a nanny, but she’s determined to build bridges with her family by working at the family business, so she hasn’t much choice. Within a day or two, the benefits overshadow her doubts. Here is her short list of reasons why you, too, might consider getting yourself a “manny:”

  1. If you, like Gentry, are a single mom, having a male role model in the house is welcome (especially if you have a son);
  1. It’s pleasant to come home to a house that’s been cleaned, and a meal that’s been cooked, by a man. Bending stereotypical gender roles is also beneficial for kids to see;
  1. Men bring a different, adventure-seeking energy to parenting, and children benefit from that balance with a cautious mother;
  1. Having a man (especially a first responder like Ian) in the house can make you feel safer, and can be very helpful if you are raising a less-abled child and need extra strength to manage certain physical aspects of childcare; and last, but not least
  2. If you’re a single mom, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the company of, and conversation with, a cute guy each day! You never know where it could lead.

While I certainly had fun writing this story, it’s ultimately about family, forgiveness, and finding a connection that makes you the best version of yourself. Here’s an excerpt from when Gentry returns home after her very rough first day back at work. When she comes home, Ian’s smooth handling of things makes her feel like a failure twice over (not that she wants to admit it). Enjoy!

When You Knew – Excerpt

Gentry walked through the front door and dropped her bag on the floor without looking at him. Ian watched her shuck off her shoes, which she flung into the corner, where they lay piled atop each other like blue silk firewood.

Expensive shoes, no doubt. He’d learned a bit more about her today when he’d had sixteen free minutes to scroll through her blog. Replete with photos of—and stories about—Colt; it also showcased clothes and accessories, baby and beauty products, and evidenced an endearing mix of enthusiasm, hubris, clever observation, and a fair amount of empathetic commiseration with her followers.

The last few paragraphs of the post she’d written last night had caught his eye.

I swore I’d never hire a nanny. I had my reasons, none of which matter to anyone but me. Still, they mattered to me as much as air and water, and yet … now I’ve gone and hired a nanny.

I could make excuses. He’s a temporary fix. Desperate times and all that blah, blah, blah. But why bother with explanations 

If I begin with a truth—the fact that, like all new moms, I don’t know what the heck I’m doing—then there’s no good reason to stick to preconceived ideas about what I should or shouldn’t do. That kind of mindless adherence to things that sound good in concept but don’t work well in real life won’t help me or my son.

No siree.

We’re all winging it, so we might as well roll with it and, in this particular case, enjoy the perks of being proven wrong.

He’d wondered what caused her anti-nanny stance to begin with, and then he’d wondered exactly what perks she intended to enjoy.

Now, though, Gentry’s stained shirt and drawn expression warned him to tread with caution.

He braced to be the target of her dark mood. Farrah had given him some practice in this department. He used to point out the harsh realities he’d seen in his work to give her a different perspective on her problems. Turns out that tactic had only made him seem unsympathetic. Today he’d be careful not to make comparisons 

Gentry forced her frown into a weak smile. “Thanks for watching him later than our deal. I promise I won’t make it a habit.” 

Six forty-five. Not horribly late. Not like he had anything, or anyone, else waiting on him, either.

She arched her spine, hands clasped behind her back, as she walked farther into the living room. Even a conservative—if stained—top and pencil skirt couldn’t hide that sinfully sexy body when her hips and chest were thrust into that position. Not that he should be thinking about that now—or ever. 

Still, he couldn’t help but smile at the contrast between her attire and her ankle and forearm tattoos.

“No problem.” He pointed at the faint beige spot on her blouse. “Rough first day?”

 She glanced at her chest; then her chin rose above a half shrug. “Some people are clumsy.”

Some people? A sufficiently vague response. He noticed this about her in the short time they’d spent together. Evasive when it came to admitting to any imperfection or lack of control. He wanted to know what happened, but she craned her neck in search of Colt. “Where’s my son?”

“Asleep.” The little fusspot had kept him hopping. Countless dirty diapers, hours of crying, and two spit-ups. But Ian still managed to keep the place clean and throw something together for dinner. His success made him grin.

She bugged her eyes. “Already?” 

“Yes.” Was she pissed off? “A few minutes ago.” 

“How?” Her posture deflated. “He’s usually ramping up into a good evening fit right about now.”

“Guess I wore him out.” Ian hadn’t considered that she might want to spend time with him. “Sorry. Did you want me to keep him up to see you?” 

“No. I’m sure he’ll wake up before long anyway.” As her gaze roamed the spick-and-span condo, it grew even gloomier. 

Good thing he’d never needed much praise. He glanced around, unable to guess the source of her mood. When he looked back at her, her dewy eyes stopped him cold. “Is something wrong?”

“Of course not. What could possibly be wrong? Everything here is perfect.” She marched into the kitchen and yanked a fresh bottle of wine from the refrigerator, then paused with the door open. “What’s this?” 

She removed the kale and quinoa chicken salad he’d tossed together.

“Dinner.” He rested his hands on his hips, confused. Would this state be his new norm until he returned to Haiti?

The Tupperware landed with a plunk on the counter as tears pooled in her eyes. “Excuse me.” 

She brushed past him in a blur of confusing fury and sorrow, racing into the powder room.

He froze. Contrary to her claims last night, maybe Gentry Cabot was crazy. Closing his eyes, he considered some options. A: bolt to his room to avoid what promised to be a weird cyclone of emotion, because if Gentry was anything like Farrah, he was in a lose-lose situation no matter what he said to soothe her. B: attempt to validate whatever problem sent her running. Not his strong suit, but surely the nicer thing to do.

He drew a breath before padding over to the powder room and tapping on the door. “Gentry? You okay?”

She opened it almost immediately, unable to mask her red-rimmed eyes. “Sorry.”

Ian didn’t know a single man that didn’t falter in the face of a teary woman, and he was no exception. “Did I do something wrong? 

“Nope.” She slipped past him and returned to the kitchen, where she filled her wineglass.

She hadn’t bitten his head off or blamed him—a positive sign that perhaps he’d picked the right option. He’d roll with it and try to help her relax.

“It’s nice out.” He approached her with caution. “Go sit on the deck and get some fresh air. I’ll fix you a plate.”


About the Book


Author: Jamie Beck

Release Date: June 26, 2018

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Gentry Cabot’s rebellious life comes to a screeching halt when a one-night stand leads to a sobering new reality: motherhood. Exhausted and overwhelmed, the former wild child struggles to raise an infant on her own. After a lifetime of feeling like the odd Cabot out, Gentry knows that what her son needs most is family. For his sake, she plans to rebuild bridges with them, but first she needs a little help on the home front.

Humanitarian worker Ian Crawford has devoted his life to service. Forced to temporarily return stateside, he’s eager to head back to Haiti to expand the nonprofit he just founded in his late father’s honor. He can’t do that without money, so when Gentry offers a hefty paycheck for a short-term gig as a live-in nanny, he can’t afford to say no. Ian expects to deal with a barrage of privileged problems. What he doesn’t expect is how quickly being a makeshift father transforms him.

Despite his growing attachment to Gentry and her child, Ian still has his dreams, and Gentry wants a full-time dad for her son. When the baby’s father reenters the picture, will Gentry and Ian embrace the family they’ve formed or end up worlds apart?

Author Biography

Jamie Beck

National bestselling author Jamie Beck’s realistic and heartwarming stories have sold more than one million copies. She’s a 2017 Booksellers’ Best Award finalist, and critics at Kirkus Reviews, Publishers Weekly, and Booklist have respectively called her work “smart,” “uplifting,” and “entertaining.” In addition to writing, she enjoys dancing around the kitchen while cooking, and hitting the slopes in Vermont and Utah. Above all, she is a grateful wife and mother to a very patient, supportive family.

Fans can learn more about her on her website:, which includes a fun “Extras” page with photos, videos, and playlists. She also loves interacting with everyone at

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New series…new billionaires…. and the matchmaking continues…


Melody Anne’s “Undercover Billionaires” continues with the second sibling “Arden” Forbes tackling the affairs of his heart on and off the field. Billionaire he may be but he is humble and working with high school kids and keeping them of out of trouble gives him satisfaction that his immense wealth doesn’t. Now if only the new school Principal falls in line with his heart as easy!

Keera Thompson is trying to escape a past and start fresh and the fresh start seems to be very tempting in the form of Arden Forbes. Keera has dangerous baggage that seems to burden her budding relationship with Arden, and unless she comes clean any chance of a future is in jeopardy.

“Arden” is so much more interesting to read than “Kian”. This is the second time I totally liked the character of Arden. So far the Forbes siblings are gaining ground over their heroines. Melody Anne gives us a far better story to this Forbes sibling.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

Message from Kendra Elliot: Mercy’s road to the FBI

Mercy Kilpatrick, the heroine from my newest release A Merciful Silence, was raised by anti-government preppers in Central Oregon. She grew up learning to live off the land, avoid law enforcement, and never trust the government. When she was eighteen, she and her father had a falling out that forced Mercy from the home.


She entered the regular world but could never leave her prepping roots behind. She eventually joined the FBI—thereby becoming the two things that her father hated most. Estranged from her family, Mercy keeps one foot in the regular world and another in her hidden past. She can’t help but prepare for the end of the world. No one at the FBI knows she escapes to her mountain hideaway every weekend where she stocks firewood, food, fuel, and medical supplies.

An FBI domestic terrorism case pulls her to back to her hometown where she must face her family for the first time in fifteen years. The case takes place in a survivalist world with which she is all too familiar, and suspects some of her family may be involved.

Excerpt: A Merciful Silence

Her GPS took her on a wet, winding trip thirty miles out of Bend. Mercy revered privacy, and it appeared Britta Vale did the same. The terrain was flat, with clumps of huge trees and fields of scattered volcanic rock. She took the final turn off the two-lane road and was pleasantly surprised to find a well-maintained gravel driveway. A wood fence lined one side of the drive, and Mercy idly wondered if Britta kept cows or sheep in the field. A wide creek rapidly flowed through the pasture, full of the recent rains. A few minutes later she stopped in front of an old white farmhouse. Fields flanked the house on two sides, and a small ancient grove of fruit trees was to the east.

The paint flaked from the two-story building, and large pieces of railing were missing from the wraparound deck. Lace curtains appeared at most of the windows, and a newer Ford pickup was parked next to the home. As Mercy stepped out of her Tahoe, faint barking greeted her, and she spotted a black lab inside, watching through a tall window next to the front door, alerting the residents that company had arrived. Its wagging tail defied the belligerent barks.

Overall, Mercy liked the home. It felt shy but friendly. Sequestered but welcoming.

The door opened and a woman appeared. In one hand she gripped the lab’s collar. With the other she balanced a rifle against her shoulder.

Not threatening, but making her stance clear.

Mercy approved. And stopped moving forward. Mercy stood with her right shoulder and hip slightly farther back and casually held her hands out in front of her stomach, the palms up. A nonaggressive pose, but she was ready to move to the gun in her shoulder holster if needed. “Britta Vale?”

“Who wants to know?” The woman’s tone was polite but direct. Her long hair was black. The flat-black, obviously dyed tone. Blunt-cut bangs just above Britta’s eyebrows gave her a no-nonsense look.

“I’m Special Agent Mercy Kilpatrick from the Bend FBI office. You’re welcome to call them to verify me.”

“Take three steps closer.”

Mercy took three measured steps, her hands still exposed. She felt the weight of her weapon at her side and watched Britta for any warning movements. The woman stood perfectly still, the dog’s wagging tail a contrast. At this distance Mercy could meet Britta’s gaze. The woman had light-blue eyes and skin that looked as if it’d never seen the sun. She also had a huge tattoo that wrapped around the front of her neck. Mercy couldn’t read it but wondered how painful the process had been. She swallowed, imagining tiny sharp needles jabbing at the tender skin on her throat.

The woman released the dog, who instantly sat, its dark eyes still locked on Mercy.

“Are you here about Grady Baldwin?”

“Yes,” Mercy answered.

“Is he out? I’m supposed to be notified if he gets out. No one has said anything to me.” Britta’s voice shot up an octave as the words spilled out of her mouth, terror and anger flashing in her eyes. Her fingers tightened on the butt of the rifle, and Mercy tensed.

“He’s not out and he’s not getting out.”

The woman lowered her chin a notch, and her shoulders moved as she exhaled. “I have nightmares about police vehicles abruptly showing up at my home, trying to get me to safety. They’re always too late.” She nodded at Mercy’s Tahoe. “You’re clearly armed, and you have government plates, so you understand my reaction.”

“I do. You are Britta, right?” The woman acted like a survivor, but Mercy wanted to be certain.

“I am. Why are you here?”

“Yesterday we uncovered five bodies. Possibly a family—we aren’t certain about that. But each one of them had been struck in the mouth. Their teeth and jaws shattered.”

The pale woman went a shade whiter as she slapped a hand across her mouth, and the dog whined, leaning hard against her thigh.


About the Book


Author: Kendra Elliot

Release Date: June 19, 2018

Publisher: Montlake Romance


For FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick, returning to rural Oregon has meant coming to terms with her roots. Raised as a prepper, Mercy is now relying on her survivalist instincts to defend her town from the people the law can’t reach. But this time, an investigation calling up a dark past for her and police chief Truman Daly may be hitting too close to home.

A rainstorm has uncovered the remains of five people—a reprise of the distinctive slaughter of two families twenty years ago. Except the convicted killer is in prison. Is this the case of a sick copycat, or is the wrong man behind bars? One person might have the answer. The lone survivor of the decades-old crimes has returned to town still claiming that she can’t remember a thing about the night she was left for dead. As the search for the truth becomes more dangerous, Mercy fears that the traumatized woman may not have buried her memories at all. She might be keeping them a secret. And there’s a price to be paid for revealing them.

Author Biography

Kendra Elliot

Kendra Elliot has landed on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list multiple times and is the award-winning author of the Bone Secrets and Callahan & McLane series, as well as the Mercy Kilpatrick novels: A Merciful DeathA Merciful Truth, and A Merciful Secret. Kendra is a three-time winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award, an International Thriller Writers finalist, and an RT Award finalist. She has always been a voracious reader, cutting her teeth on classic female heroines such as Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, and Laura Ingalls. She was born, raised, and still lives in the rainy Pacific Northwest with her husband and three daughters, but she looks forward to the day she can live in flip-flops. Visit her at

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