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This is one of the most outstanding books I’ve read, as Pamela Clare pours life into this incredible story of courage, bravery and valor of the first responders and the support of the law enforcement team in the face of adversity. This is an outstanding story of a town that stands together, and people with hearts as big as the blue sky with unconditional support and love, to weather a calamity they face together.


“Chasing Fire” needs to be read as the I-Team and Colorado High Country crossover and work tirelessly to protect their town from turning to ashes. Pamela Clare does an awesome job of portraying the danger, the adrenaline, the frustrations, the intense planning and things that can go wrong within seconds when facing a threat.

A fabulous read indeed!

Received a copy from Pamela Clare via NetGalley for an honest review.

No matter which series of Susan Stoker you read, everyone of her stories is as intense as the previous one and as captivating as the next one! There’s something very addictive and seductive about Susan Stoker’s various series of courageous and brave soldiers, their fight for justice and the fierce protectiveness of their loved ones.  


“Defending Morgan”, book three in the Mountain Mercenaries Series, is another great write, bringing marine Arrow Kane to the rescue of kidnapped victim Morgan Byrd. An operation that was supposed to be the extraction of a kidnapped child, takes Arrow and his team members into the mysterious kidnapping of Morgan, who is protecting the very child that the Mountain Mercenaries are tasked to rescue. A kidnapping that draws Arrow and Morgan together as they fight against an unknown enemy bent on killing Morgan.

Susan Stoker is one fine writer that I was glad to have come upon and enjoyed reading her stories. From her Badge Of Honor Series, Delta Force Heroes Series to Seal Of Protection Series and now to Ace Security series, I’ve literally enjoyed every single one of her books. Protecting Caroline, Protecting Fiona and Protecting Alabama are my top favorites of her books that I’ve visited innumerable times…chicken soup for the soul!!!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

Evil never died. It might be suppressed for a while, diminished for a time. But then evil bloomed again, reborn into a different shape, a new way to cause destruction.

Evil continued to thrive.

~ Running Strong, Christy Reece ~


Life as we see it is a school of good and evil, and it is left to us humans to choose a path. Rafael Sanchez and Giselle Reddington are two ends of this spectrum, yet they are bound by destiny, separated by fate and brought together with a common goal to destroy the demons hiding in plain sight.

As much as this is Rafael and Giselle’s story, this is also the beginning of the end of a series that is held so very close to my heart.

He who does not punish evil commands it to be done. ~Leonardo Da Vinci ~

And Noah McCall and his team of LCR operatives are “Running Strong” as ever to punish this very evil that comes in any form or shape. An honor they believe with their souls and a mission they see through with every breath of their lives; to save the innocent and keep their families safe.

Words will not do justice to Christy Reece’s finale of the Last Chance Rescue Series (aka LCR/LCR Elite). The thrill is in the narration, the suspense is in the plot, and emotions in actions, as every LCR operative comes together to mete out the final judgement.

For any new reader starting with “Running Strong”, I can guarantee that it’s a losing battle to resist the temptation of knowing where it had all started. Every story is a screenplay of intimate details, a treacherous pathway of betrayal and pain, unconditional journey of loyalty and integrity, a rollercoaster ride of love and unity. And every LCR operative has endured and succeeded!

This series is written with heart, characters created with the utmost care and detail, be it the good or the bad, and plots created by one of the most sophisticated minds I have the pleasure of reading, right next to Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

If anyone’s not read Katie Reus’s Redemption Harbor Series, you are missing out on a series filled with passion and danger. From the romance seekers to the thrill seekers, this series is captivating and fulfilling!


Book six of the series brings co-founder Leighton and Lucy Carreras in a mission very personal, playing “Covert Games”, as they try to bring down Lucy’s evil uncle, who has some very shading dealings and hurting the innocent as well. Lucy’s loyalties are put to the test, and Leighton’s heart is in the crossfire of this battle.

“Resurrection” was an astounding start to the series, and as much as I enjoyed the other books in the series, “Covert Games” is my second favorite of the series. The chemistry between Leighton and Lucy is electrifying and the rest of the team being involved in lot more of the pages added spice and intensity to the story.

Katie Reus as always captivates with her plot and narration. I love her attention to sketching characters true to reality and making them perfectly imperfect.

Received an ARC from KR Press, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.


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Publication date: 1/29/19

Love is a sanctuary

Christian Montgomery is burnt out—the family business might be his entire world, but his father’s judgment means Christian never stops working. His only respite is gazing at the beach and the carefree surfers riding the waves…especially the curvy redhead who’s caught his attention.

Sophia Bennington has just fled from her small Kansas town to California, where she’s trying her best to embrace her new beginning. Soon Christian and Sophia find one another, and it feels like sanctuary. But when their difficult pasts catch up to them, will they run away from each other?

Montgomery Brothers Series

  •         Wait for Me (Book 1)
  •         Trust in Me (Book 2)
  •         Stay With Me (Book 3)
  •         More of Me (Book 4)
  •         Return to You (Book 5)
  •         Meant for You (Book 6)
  •         I’ll Be There (Book 7)
  •         Until There Was Us (Book 8)

Praise for Samantha Chase:

“Chase’s three-dimensional characters leap off the page…”—Publishers Weekly for Until There Was Us  

“A sweet romance: classic, thoughtful, and as lyrical as the stars.”—Kirkus Reviews for A Sky Full of Stars

“Chase just gets better and better.”—Booklist

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“This was Christian’s idea?” she asked incredulously.

“Oh…um, well, yes. He feels incredibly thankful to you for all you did.”

“I see.”

Sophie wasn’t stupid—she’d accept any and all the jobs she might get through this. That was a no-brainer. But knowing that Christian had more than likely orchestrated it bothered her. Was he doing it simply because he was thankful, or was it because he’d acted like a jerk when he’d refused to let her help him?

Unfortunately, she didn’t know him well enough to know for sure.

With no other choice—because she would make herself crazy sitting here thinking about it—she took a shower and got ready, bracing herself to go knock on Christian Montgomery’s door.

Did she take a little extra time in the shower and use her favorite scented soap?


Did she spend a little extra time on her makeup?


And did she curse more than once while she styled her hair because it was way too long and took forever to make look good?

Again, yes.

But as she looked at her reflection when she was done, all Sophie could say was, “Damn, girl! You look good!”

With all of the extra attention she’d already given herself, choosing something to wear was a bit more challenging. Obviously, he knew she wasn’t working, so showing up on his doorstep dressed up would look ridiculous. However, showing up in a pair of cutoffs and a T-shirt seemed wrong. It wasn’t as if she had an extensive wardrobe to begin with, but right now it sure as heck felt that way!

Grabbing a pair of faded denim capris and a bold blue halter top, she felt casually sassy. That was a thing, right?

Slipping on a pair of flip-flops, she grabbed her purse and was out the door, feeling much calmer than she had an hour ago. The drive took less than fifteen minutes, and as Sophie parked in his driveway, she took a moment to give herself a small pep talk.

“The good thing is that you have a job,” she said quietly. “It shouldn’t matter why you have the job, the fact is that you have one.” She paused. “And while it would be great if he apologized for coming off as being ungrateful last week, you need to remember that he’d had a traumatic day and maybe it wasn’t about me at all.”

Sighing, she flipped down her visor and checked her reflection in the mirror, fixing her lipstick. When she was done, she flipped it back up and continued her talk.

“If he recommended me for these jobs because he feels sorry for me, then I am completely within my rights to tell him that I’m offended. I don’t need charity. However, if he did it based on my experience, then I’ll be polite and say thank you.” She took a steadying breath and thought about how she was going to feel when she saw him back at the office after he went back to work. “He needs to know that I’m going to be checking up on him and his health more than anyone else in the company—especially in the beginning—since I know his history. Like it or not.”

No doubt he wouldn’t like that one bit, but those were her terms and she wasn’t going to be budged.

At least, she hoped she wasn’t.

With one deep, cleansing breath, Sophie climbed from her car, fidgeted with her hair, and made her way up the front steps. Ringing the bell, she wondered how Christian was going to react to her showing up unannounced.

Although, really, how else could she show up? It wasn’t as if she had his phone number.

When the front door opened, she almost forgot how to breathe.

His hair was a bit of a mess and it looked like he hadn’t shaved in a few days. But it looked good on him. Really good. His blue eyes sparkled with surprise and she swallowed hard, trying not to sigh dreamily.

Then she glanced down.

Big mistake.

Dressed in a pair of black athletic shorts and nothing else, Christian Montgomery was like some sleek, athletic god.

She’d recognized that he had a fit physique before, but seeing him standing before her practically naked confirmed it.

And then some.

Right now, she was having a hard time forming words. Never before had she seen such a perfect male specimen and her fingers nearly twitched with the need to reach out and touch his flat stomach, and then maybe scratch their way up to tangle in his hair. She bet he smelled really good too.


Oh. Right. He’d asked her a question.

“Um… I wanted to talk to you,” she said, her voice trembling a little—and not from nerves over what she wanted to say, but from the sight of him.

Maybe she should go…

Stepping aside, Christian motioned for her to come in, and with no other choice, she walked into his house.

Swallowing hard, she walked in front of him and looked around. She’d admired the house when she was here before, but at the time, her main concern had been Christian and his well-being. Now she could see just how beautiful the space was—high ceilings, exposed beams, colors that were cool and soothing in shades of tan and blue, and a wall of windows facing the ocean.

Not a bad way to live, she mused.

“Can I get you something to drink?” he asked, coming to stand beside her.

Part of her was afraid to turn and look at him because…well, she didn’t want to do anything stupid.

Like drool.



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