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Jessica Flynn can’t wait to buy up that patch of unspoiled North Carolina woodland next door and expand her spa. What could be more sensuous than a hot-tub soak under the stars? Jessica would love to bask in the romantic view herself-but first she needs to find the right man to join her in this fantasy. Back in high school, she thought that was the dark and brooding Mark Dalton. But then he left to join the Special Forces, and when he returned to town, it felt like their teenage love affair had never even happened.


Mark Dalton has his eye on the same property for his own business. Yet there’s something he wants to have even more. Because Jessica is sweeter than he remembered, and he’s finding it hard to resist his attraction to the competition. When they finally find themselves alone, deep in the forest, nature can’t help but run a little wild. But if she ever finds out what he’s been hiding all these years, she may never forgive him…


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Rachel Lacey

Rachel Lacey is a contemporary romance author and semi-reformed travel junkie. She’s been climbed by a monkey on a mountain in Japan, gone scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, and camped out overnight in New York City for a chance to be an extra in a movie. These days, the majority of her adventures take place on the pages of the books she writes. She lives in warm and sunny North Carolina with her husband, son, and a variety of rescue pets.


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Two winners will receive a copy of CAN’T FORGET YOU by Rachel Lacey


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“You approve?”                                                                                         

Stifling a yelp, she whirled to find Mark behind her, a brown dog at his side. It really was unfair that he could move so quietly. “Yes, but . . . did you get a dog?”                                                                                         

He glanced down at the mutt standing at attention be- side him. “Nah. Found her.” 

“Really? Out here?” Jessica stepped closer, holding out a hand toward the dog, who eyed her warily, never budging from Mark’s side. 

“Yeah. I’ll drop her by the shelter when I leave.

CantForgetYou-Quote-Graphic01 (1) 4.jpg

“Hi, girl.” Jessica crouched down, talking to the dog. “How’d you wind up out here?”

The dog licked her ears forward and took a step in Jessica’s direction. She was fairly large, with brown fur that was matted in places and adorable, fluffy ears. After a little coaxing, she walked over and licked Jessica’s hand.

“Maybe you should keep her,” she said to Mark. “At least while you look for her family. She’s too sweet to go to the shelter.”

He grunted, gazing down at the dog.

Jessica stroked behind the dog’s ears. “You know what happens to strays at the shelter who don’t find a home, right?”

Mark said nothing.

For some reason, she wanted him to keep this dog.                                                                 

Maybe it would be good for him to have someone at home to greet him. “You don’t want her to be euthanized, do you? She seems so quiet and well behaved. 

 “Which means she probably has a family out there looking for her.”

“And you should definitely let the shelter know you’ve found her. I think they can even scan her for a microchip. Up to you whether you leave her there.” She winked at him.

He said nothing.                                                                                         

The dog really was a sweet thing. She licked Jessica’s fingers, her tail wagging shyly, and then returned to Mark’s side, looking for all the world like she was waiting for her next command. When he started walking, she followed right at his heels.     

 So did Jessica. They walked together in easy silence, following the string of orange ags he had placed on the ground. He’d been busy today and also true to his word. His flags were well away from the area she wanted for her cabins.

CantForgetYou-Quote-Graphic02 (1)

 She couldn’t help smiling every time she glanced at the dog by his side. The pooch clearly already viewed Mark as her master. It was easy to see why. He moved with a quiet confidence that obviously set her at ease. Not sure which way to go? Just follow Mark.                                                                                         

Jessica was so busy doing just that that she didn’t even see the hole in front of her until she’d stepped in it. Thrown off balance, she groped blindly for something to hang on to, her fingers latching on to Mark’s arm. He turned in surprise and grabbed her before she went down in a heap.

His hands gripped her arms, warm and strong, his eyes locked on hers. “You okay?”

She nodded because her heart was pounding so hard she didn’t trust herself to speak. There was so much electricity in the air between them that her whole body sizzled with it. Her stumble had landed her close in his arms, so close that, each time she drew breath, the space between them seemed to shrink.

His gaze dropped from her eyes to her lips.

He’s going to kiss me!                                                                                         

Her blood heated, and her lips parted, and…what the hell was she thinking? Grabbing on to the last glimmer of reason in her brain, she stepped backward out of his arms. Pain knifed up her left leg, and it folded beneath her, dropping her in a heap onto the forest floor.                                                                                  

The air left her lungs so fast she felt dazed, sitting there, staring at Mark’s boots. Then the dog was there, nuzzling her cheek, tail wagging.

Mark crouched in front of her. “What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”

Not wanting to get lost in his eyes again, she looked down at her left knee, which, now that she was no longer drunk with lust, hurt like a son of a bitch. “I think I twisted my knee.”                                                                                         

“Let me have a look.” He straightened her leg out against the bed of pine needles and gently felt her knee through her jeans.                                                                            

She winced. “It’s been bothering me off and on for a few weeks. I don’t know what I did to it.”                                                                               

“You have it checked out?”                                                                       

“No.” She sighed. Dammit, she hated going to the doctor. Maybe because, having a nurse for a mother, she’d spent way too much time around hospitals as a kid. “I guess I should though. I thought it was finally better.”

She accepted the hand he held out and pushed to her feet, putting all her weight on her right foot. Her left knee throbbed. She could feel the heat radiating out of it. Son of a bitch.                                                                               

“You able to walk on it?”                                                                              

“Of course.” She took a halting step, biting her tongue to hold back a groan. Well, better to get this over with. She hobbled away from Mark in the direction of the spa.                     

“In the interest of getting home before dark…” His arms came around her, and he swept her off her feet, lifting her into his arms as if she weighed nothing at all (and thank goodness for that because it took a little of the sting off her pride)

“I can walk,” she said, her voice gone all low and husky because now she was closer than ever to him, wrapped up in his warm, masculine scent. She felt his heart thumping against her, and as she met his eyes, it quickened. 

So did hers.                                                                     

Her hands tightened behind his neck, causing his head to dip toward hers. Helpless to fight the pull, she leaned in, and her lips brushed his. Her entire body lit with awareness from her scalp to her toes, like she’d just turned on the light after a very long time in the dark. Whoa.                                                                                         

Yeah. Sparks. She and Mark still had them.                                                                              

She sucked in a ragged breath, her eyes locking on to his, and then he kissed her back. This time his lips crashed into hers with an urgency that matched the need raring inside her. Her eyes uttered shut, and her lips parted.


Jessica’s forehead bumped into Mark’s. He was looking down at the dog, his expression a mixture of amusement and frustration. At his feet, the dog was staring right back in rapt attention.                                                                              

Way to ruin the moment, Fluffball.                                                                                       

Mark’s gaze flicked back to Jessica’s, and almost with-out thinking, she tipped her face, bringing her lips back to his. Everything inside her went all hot and tingly as his tongue swept into her mouth.                                                                                       


“Seriously, now you discover your voice?” She glared down at the dog in mock exasperation.                                                                           

Mark let out a rough laugh. “She hasn’t made a peep all day.   

 “I don’t think she likes us kissing.” As she spoke, her gaze dropped to his lips. The damn dog was probably the only one here that had any sense. But right now, Jessica. Did. Not. Care.                                                                           

The only thing she could think about was kissing him again. And again.



A new series from Kat Martin is always a pleasure to read. From The Raines to The Brodies to The Boss Inc, all have been a thrilling pleasure to read and now the Texas Trilogy is out next week, and is definitely worth giving it a read.BeyondReason-TexasTrilogy#1-KatMartin

Book one of the series, “Beyond Reason” opens with a funeral and the magnetic presence of billionaire Lincoln Cain. A funeral that raises more questions for Carly Drake, inheriting Drake’s Trucking after her grandfather’s death and now a close friend and ally of many years is six feet under.

Linc has turned his life around, thanks to Carly’s grandfather and now has success, money and power riding his ass, but he may not be able to keep his promise of keeping Carly safe as a series of incidents seem to target Carly. As the mystery unfolds and a betrayal from within rocks the company, Carly and Linc have to put their lives on line to out maneuver the danger that is trying to take control of Drake’s Trucking.

An interesting plot that starts off the new Texas Trilogy, “Beyond Reason” is captivating. Kat Martin’s characters, Linc and Carly make a good team with their stubbornness, courage and intelligence, giving the story a good dose of passion and suspense to make this a worthy read.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books/Zebra via NetGalley for an honest review.

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Have A Blessed Thanksgiving!


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“Until You” by Jeannie Moon is one of the most impressive books I’ve read in recent history. Loaded in emotions and insecurities, this is the story of 40-year old divorced woman, betrayed and hurt, having gone through a messy divorce, and spending a lonely birthday.

Kate Adams thought she had a great life, until her husband cheats and leaves her for another woman. Katherine Adams as the famous author is confident and successful. But Kate Adams, the mother, the woman and a divorcee is hurting in the aftermath of a messy divorce and sustaining a fragile relationship with her teenage daughter, Laura.


A chance meeting with the elite hockey player David Burke ends in a bedroom for both them as instant attraction flares between them. A bet with his teammates pulls David into a relationship that he cannot seem to forget or forgo. Age becomes a thorn in his side, before he realizes that he’s fallen in love with Kate. And David has an uphill battle to convince Kate that he truly loves her and is in it for the long haul.

Jeannie Moon does a stupendous job with David and Kate. I don’t think words would do justice to these two amazing characters with layers of emotions and insecurities. The relationship between Kate and Laura is so vividly portrayed, wrought with pain, hurt and lies, and the relationship between Laura and David deserves accolades. The entire narration is perfectly played out with articulate dialogues, intense emotions of pain and passion as two individuals poles apart try to make a future with each other. The secondary characters, and the page space given to Kate’s ex-husband and his wife, and their role weaved into Kate and David’s life, makes “Until You” an exceptional read.

Another definite winner from Jeannie Moon’s kitty!

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

 I am not sure what I expected of Finn (Blue Collar Billionaires #2) by M. Malone, or maybe I had no expectations, or maybe it’s the sexy and beautiful specimen of a cover ;), whatever the case maybe Finn is quite the surprise package. Not too lengthy, but enough to pack a ton of emotions, pain and love to keep it interesting.


Having come into millions that he never dreamed of, Finn Marshall is recuperating from serious war injuries and going through the pain of seeing his mother suffer from cancer. The war leaves too many scars and nightmares that had him finding solace in painkillers, and a past that haunts him with the betrayal of love that deserted him.

Marissa had made a few wrong choices in life like any normal person, yet she keeps a positive attitude and works hard to make her cleaning service company Maid-4-U successful. Getting a large contract to service a penthouse building is the silver lining her company needs to survive. But not knowing that her old flame Finn owns it and he’s hired her company for revenge is something that would blindside her.

Both have unresolved hurt between them that bites them in the back, even as they succumb to the lust and attraction that burns between them. Betrayal and trust are pricey and they have to believe in their love to put the past behind to even think of a future.

I really liked these two characters. Malone did a fabulous job with these two, as she created them with so many weaknesses, yet with courage to overcome pain and get help. Both with hearts of gold, and victims of circumstances, this story pulls you into their lives and their fight to keep their relationship working.

The storyline of these assorted brothers, with different mothers, as they try to come to grips with the reality of what their father had done, is very captivating. The sense of family and correcting the wrongs, as each brother try to reconcile with the existing circumstances, and finding their own happiness, is indeed intriguing.

A fine series by M. Malone…a definite winner!

Received an ARC from CrushStar Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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