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The beauty of this love story lies in its simplicity deeply intertwined with the complexity of life. This is one of those very few stories where the main characters, Gabe Maguire and Adriana Hale have such intense chemistry that fills every word Melanie Shawn has penned!

When fate deals MMA fighter Gabe Maguire a left hook, he takes it in his stride with courage and patience, with support and care from his family, victorious and a champ. Now officially a firefighter, he wants to have his own HEA and family in Hope Falls, and destiny brings him face to face with Adriana Hale.


Mother of twins and guardian of a nine year old nephew, Adriana Hale at a young age of twenty six has her life mapped out around her little family. Circumstances and with the need to do the right thing, brings Adriana to the charming town of Hope Falls, warmth and Gabe, who may vey well be deeply connected to her family.

The grandeur of this romance lies in the expert narration by Melanie Shawn as Gabe and Adriana handle the normal complexities of life with patience, practical and reasonable and a healthy dose of attraction and love. With the presence of kids and their personal lives and feelings interlaced with that of the adults, I love the fact that their feelings were given precedence, yet not taking away the essence of adulthood, the complexities and the emotions.

“Fire And Foreplay” is a poignant read of two of the most beautiful people who deserve all the happiness in the world, for themselves and for their readymade family. Kudos to Melanie and Shawna as they keep the plot tight, the narration light and humorous, highlighting emotions and relationships and full of warmth and incredibly beautiful. In a world going so wrong, here is a lovely romance to make us feel hopeful and the belief that the good outweighs the bad.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

Here is another author I enjoy reading her books – Jeannie Moon!

Another writer/author with immense talent and creativity, penning charming romances that go straight to the hearts of the readers, her latest release, “Then Came You” is no less deserving of the readers’ praise.


Moving to the tiny town of Compass Cove, Mia DeAngelis hopes to give her nephew Ben a new lease of life, nourishing his passion for sports and a life far away from the judgmental people of the big city. Working at the college library and living with her grandmother, gives Mia a sense of control and a bond with her grandmother to treasure and a sense of belonging in the tiny close-knit community.

Ben’s passion for sports brings her in close proximity to the college football coach Adam Miller. An injury forced Adam to retire from NFL, and relocate to Compass Cove, to recuperate and start fresh as a coach for the local college. Neither he nor Mia ever had love on their agenda, but Adam wants to explore the attraction that flares between them, and his love for the game and her nephew tempts him for a life that he never dreamed of having.

I loved the way Jeannie Moon developed the relationship between Adam and Mia. With so many insecurities and fears dogging their feet, they still find the courage to explore the possibility of a future, the trust that evolved between them was so well penned with various situations and so is the progression of the their love.

“Then Came You” book one in the Compass Cove series, dis an incredibly beautiful romance to read and enjoy.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

Continuing with her wonderful series, “From Manhattan With Love”, Sarah Morgan extended her series to the extended family, and each book is a treasure trove of fun, emotions, romance and charm.


With Daniel finally settling down with Molly, looks like fate is pointing it’s finger towards Felicity Knight aka Fliss and her handsome and sexy vet Seth Carlyle and did I mention that he was also her ex-husband, once upon a time.

With lots of unanswered questions, a terrible past that widened the gap between these young lovers, and a love that refused to die, destiny has different plans for Seth and Fliss. Escaping to the Hamptons from New York to avoid Seth, she literally ends up in the same place has Seth…talk about karma and fate!

Seth will not let Fliss go this time, and Fliss has a bucket load of insecurities to overcome and accept the fact that she never was able to let Seth go. Filled with some witty and emotional conversations, opening herself to family and friends, overcoming the fear of love and loss, Sarah Morgan created Fliss to perfection. With immense patience and love, tenacity and understanding, Seth is one of those book boyfriends, you wish was in your life.

Sarah Morgan’s “From Manhattan With Love” series is utterly charming, whimsical and enchanting as the magic of New York spreads to the extended family. And looks like Cupid is ready to strike the second Knight twin.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.


It’s always so wonderful to return to Hope Falls, Melanie Shawn’s creation of a town filled with warm caring citizens, extended families, and of course the proverbial alpha males and sassy females, ready to dose us with some heartfelt romance, heated passion and unconditional love.


The firefighter and the documentary filmmaker; dreams big and hearts filled with young love and a future they had planned breaks apart as circumstances pull them apart and sends them on a different course of life.

Eli Bishop and Mackenzie Sutton, years apart have created their careers as a firefighter and filmmaker respectively, and with Mackenzie coming to Hope Falls to make a documentary, fate seems to dangle a second chance with the promise of a white picket fence, two kids and a dog…. yet with so many unanswered questions burning between them, will the chemistry and passion be enough to give them a second lease of life?

As always, visiting Hope Falls is a pleasure, as you re-visit the founding characters and briefly glimpse how their HEA has turned out, and with the sister duo of Melanie and Shawna adding “Fire And Love” between Eli and Mackenzie, how can the story not be charming and heart warming.

As always reading Melanie Shawn is just loads of fun, followed by tingling sensations, heart palpitations and intense satisfaction of reading a good romance that warms the heart and brings immense pleasure.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

Elena Aitken is a classy writer. I’ve read a handful of her books and enjoyed them immensely. And it’s wonderful reading her again, as she starts a new series with “The McCormicks”.


“Love In The Moment” is what Gwen Henderson is aiming for. A total makeover and personal transformation lands Gwen in a successful blogging career, yet where the matters of the heart are concerned, isn’t everyone scared and insecure. Coming back home to Cedar Springs is bittersweet for Gwen, a past filled with unhappy memories and a person who refuses to leave her heart.

Ian McCormick is back home permanently to plant roots and start his own business in Cedar Springs. With family drama that can give the soap operas a run for their money, he can’t seem to leave them behind. And now with his stepsister coming to stay with him, and the presence of Gwen making his heart skip beats, Ian has his hands full.

As Gwen and Ian act on their attraction, living in the moment and caught up in their “Love In The Moment”, it takes only a slip of a tongue for Gwen’s secret to fall open, and hearts to fall apart. But love finds a way; trust forms a relationship and hope ignites for a future of happiness.

A well written and classy story of just not love, but of overcoming insecurities and fears, motivation and will power to works towards the positives in life, and keeping your heart open for love and friendship to find a home. Ian and Gwen are deserving of each other, and Elena Aitken gives her readers another charming love story.

Received a copy from the author as part of a promotion for an honest review.

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