Katie Reus takes the readers back to Verona Bay, giving us another thrilling read as she brings Max Collins to Adeline Rodriguez. 

Max with his brothers is rooted in Verona Bay, and Adeline Rodriguez finally finds her roots in the small town as she makes a fresh start co-owning a pet grooming business. A small miscommunication leads to Adeline and Max staying under the same roof, and is a perfect intimate situation to spark the attraction between Max and Adeline into a fire. 

Life couldn’t be much more simple and romantic than this, but even small towns have their share of evil and danger. Max becomes entangled in a dangerous past that seems to threaten his family and loved ones, and Adeline has some secrets that not everyone is privy to. Max being the protector, becomes Adeline’s “Silent Protector”. But they have to work together to face this danger if they ever want to make a future with each other.

It’s always nice revisiting previous characters and Katie Reus always makes sure they make an appearance in future books in a series. Another quick and thrilling read that would appease any reader’s palette.

Received an ARC from KR Press, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.