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You want a dark and exciting romantic suspense read, then Cynthia Eden is the go-to author. And it’s just not plain horrific evil; her villains are super smart, twisted and a pro at mind games, making her books one of the best thrillers to read.

Her latest Killer Instinct series starts off with the prequel “The Gathering Dusk” and this should be read before continuing with “After The Dark”, to follow Samantha Dark and Blake Gamble, as they take on evil in plain sight and very closely attached to Samantha Dark.


“After The Dark” starts off with Blake reuniting with Samantha who was and is once touted as one of the best profilers. Yet her FBI career goes down south when her ex-lover and best friend turns out to be the killer. A killer she may have let go. But now someone is hunting Samantha in her small quite town and Blake wants Samantha to help catch the killer and also protect her at the same time.

I love when thrillers are just not gory and violent, but have a scintillating mind game in play. Cynthia Eden is exemplary in that field and I just love her characters. She gives equal depth and layers to the good as well as the bad, to make her stories so very brilliant. And Samantha Dark and Blake Gamble make one strong couple as they battle for their lives against a psychopath who knows Samantha to the very bones of her being.

“After The Dark” should be read to enjoy the brilliance of the plot, the characters that will become one of our favorites and the narration that is tight and filled with adrenaline.


Received an ARC from Harlequin via Netgalley for an honest review.



Book three of the BOSS INC Series; “Into The Firestorm” is my favorite of the series so far. Mr. Bounty Hunter, Luke Brodie meets Ms. Bounty Hunter, Emma Cassidy.


Two fiery individuals, brought together by a common evil, Luke and Brodie work together to bring justice to the victims. A bit more edgy, a tad scary and a lot more sizzle and passion, Luke and Emma go one hell of a ride to catch Rudy Vance before he can destroy another girl’s life and the only way to get Emma’s family back together.

Luke Brodie is one of Kat Martin’s brilliant characters with his deadly hunting skills as well as loving skills. With a dangerous mob gunning for Emma and with the fear of losing his heart to her, Luke would become a monster in his wake to keep Emma safe.

Emma Cassidy’s only motivation in becoming a bounty hunter is to get rid of evil like Rudy Vance who destroyed her family. Having Luke as a partner is a godsend as well as a bullet to her heart. Matching step to step with Luke, and holding her own against any threat, Emma will sacrifice everything to bring her family together.

With the Brodies and inmates of BOSS Inc. making appearances, and with secondary characters giving sustenance to the story, Kat Martin weaves another dazzling romantic suspense that enthralls the readers in her latest, “Into The Firestorm”.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley for an honest review.

The Red Stone Security Series by Katie Reus seems to be expanding by leaps and bounds as we get to meet the extended members and their happily ever after. And I’m sure I had mentioned innumerable times that this series is one of my top favorites to-go-to-when-I-need-a-lift-kind of books, and I keep revisiting this series every time my heart craves some danger and romance all rolled into one…and this is the last of the series.


Book 15 and the final of the series, “Lethal Game” is just as explosive as the previous Red Stone stories, bringing Graysen West to woo back Isa Harper back into his life. As a CIA circumstances had Graysen betraying Isa Harper and now leaving the CIA and pulling all strings to become an employee of Red Stone Security is just the beginning of his battle for love.

Isa has finally left a painful past and has made a good life for herself with Red Stone, a small group of friends she calls family and a job that gives her satisfaction. Coming face to face with Graysen is a slap in her face, yet she agrees to work with him to get him out of her system once and for all. And working together to stop a team of terrorists only brings them closer and hopefully can get past the betrayal and hurt to have a future together.

Another captivating and short story revolving around Red Stone Security, “Lethal Game” is a fitting conclusion to the series and the epilogue is touching and sweet.

I will miss this series a lot!!!!

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.

With “Midnight Betrayal” we got a front row seat to the introduction of Dr. Louisa Hancock and her boyfriend Conor Sullivan, owner of a Philly sports bar along with his brothers. Just when both Louisa and Conor have put a traumatic past behind and have come together for a future, Louisa’s father Dr. Ward gets kidnapped by a delusional person living in the medieval mythology of warriors and deaths, and “Midnight Obsession” gives us an enthralling read

And just like that Conor and Louisa are drawn into an evil game of power and courage, gangs and deaths, warriors and age-old rituals. It also brings Conor and Louisa closer in their relationship as the events and circumstances give them an opportunity to build trust, honesty, protectiveness and support. As they try to decipher the ritual killings and hope to find Dr. Ward alive, neither Louisa nor Conor are far away from the shadow of death.


I loved the fact that “Midnight Obsession” can be read as a stand alone, yet it makes you want to read “Midnight Betrayal” and get to know Louisa and Conor. And this is by far Melinda’s best work. She did a brilliant job of weaving two plots with an outstanding conclusion and paying special attention developing the relationship between Louisa and Conor and bringing the family dynamics into the equation gave the story more depth and character. And throw in a touch of medieval history and rituals, giving the narration an added edge of primitiveness.

And as always, Melinda Leigh never lets on as to who might be the killer. Not until you reach the very last few pages and even then, she does an outstanding job on the final revelations, reiterating her writing and plotting authority.

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.

From Donna Grant comes a brand new series, “Sons Of Texas”, weaving a plot around the Loughman brothers, with a sub plot that involves their father and bringing the brothers together on a deadly as they try to unravel the mystery and suspense surrounding their father and his covert operations.


Death brings the highly decorated Navy Seal Owen Loughman home in the middle of a mission, and his longtime heart and soul Natalie Dixon seems to bind him with the shackles of love even as they try to find their kidnapped father and keep Natalie safe from being killed.

Donna Grant’s first foray into romantic suspense is just invigorating and brilliant. As the brothers try to decipher the deadly events, in the midst of evil, he finally accepts his love for Natalie, vowing to keep her safe and find the truth behind the deadly implications of world terrorism. And Donna delivers with intensity and passion, as each book can be read alone, it would be advisable to read them in sequence as the sub plot flows into the other two books as Wyatt and Cullen also find the women of their dreams.

A five star read and a definite addition to the library!

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.


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