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My very first read of Lauren Smith and her new series, ‘Brothers Of Ash And Fire”, is very, very interesting. Titled “Grigori” one of the handful of the existing Royal Dragon Shifters, the story is pretty interesting and captivating.


Keeping the history of his ancestry and the existence of his family’s descendants a secret is Grigori’s ultimate goal. But a mythology professor and history buff, Madelyn Haynes is threatening that very secret, it’s his job to make sure she does so, even of he has to kidnap and keep her a prisoner in his castle.

Plagued by mystical dreams, Madelyn comes to Russia looking for answers never imagining being swept away by a dangerous and sexy stranger. The dreams of dragons chase her in the night along with the fiery attraction that sparks towards Grigori.

With ageless secrets coming to life, and with the revelation of truth behind Madelyn’s mythological dreams, Grigori and Madelyn have to decipher history to protect their ancestry, they have come together to fight the evil threatening their existence and future.

Lauren Smith’s first read was pretty impressive and captivating as she takes the readers on a mythological journey of Royal Dragon shifters, their fight to survive among the humans, their struggle to keep their existence a secret, and ward off evil that threatens their mates and their future.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.

Her Last Goodbye -May Never Come

Melinda Leigh’s “Morgan Dane” series became a roaring success with Morgan and Lance forming a great team as they fight for justice and their personal relationship seems to be simmering on the edge as they test those grounds.


Book two of the series; “Her Last Goodbye” takes Morgan and Lance on the hunt for the perpetrator who kidnapped a young mother. With a secondary plot intertwined into the main storyline, Lance and Morgan have to use whatever resources they have to unravel the person and mystery behind the kidnapping.

What you see may not always be what you get, and behind an innocent life may very well be an evil lurking, misleading and deceptive. And this is exactly what Lance and Morgan need to decipher to make sure this wouldn’t be “Her Last Goodbye”. Amidst the danger is the sublime romance between Morgan and Lance, taking another step forward in their relationship.

With a twisted plot, Melinda Leigh gives the readers a captivating second read in “Her Last Goodbye” as Morgan Dane settles in with her new life, her kids and family, danger and romance all rolled into one big package of suspense, love, family and support.

A fabulous read!

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.

Every time I hear a book of Cynthia Eden’s is coming out, a chill races my spine, goose bumps pay a visit and the anticipation of waiting, reading and enjoying her fast paced romantic suspense is an adrenaline rush of pure orgasmic pleasure.


Her latest and greatest series, “Lazarus Rising” will leave you wanting for more of the brilliant plot evolving around the super soldiers. First in the series, “Never Let Go” will defy the very adage of ‘till death do us apart’, as the brilliant and amazing Dr. Elizabeth Parker works on a formula that beats death, but at a loss of the only man she loves, Sawyer Cage.

Sawyer Cage was resurrected from the dead, becoming a super enhanced soldier. Betrayed by the people he works for and a life he doesn’t remember, Elizabeth Parker ignites feelings of hope of a life that was and can be now. Escaping the confines of the Lazarus compound, Sawyer and his friend Flynn will lay down their indestructible lives to protect the ones they love.

An impressive start to a new series, Cynthia Eden does not leave a chance to be disappointed with her latest release. It only builds the anticipation of what the future is going to be for these super soldiers, as they battle the dark forces. There are secrets galore, suspense and romance add a radiant intensity, and Sawyer and Elizabeth bring the fireworks with their glorious chemistry and a promise to “Never Let Go” of each other.

There’s so much I want to rave about this book, but reading is so much more satisfying and a definite must read!!!

Received an ARC from the author and Hocus Pocus Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review.

Soldiers. Protectors. Redemption. Resurrection. Rising.

Welcome to Redemption Harbor! Katie Reus’s brand new series, with a new set of alpha soldiers serving their country and fighting for their loved ones, unconditionally and unequivocally.


The series started off with a blasé in the first book, “Resurrection”. The saga of the brave continues with “Savage Rising”, literally as Zac Savage is tasked with the job of protecting Olivia Carter and her daughter.

Olivia Carter has made a new life with her daughter as a successful business-owner, far away from a life that was hosting heists and bordered on death. She may have left her past behind, but the past refuses to leave her alone, as the one person she fears comes back for her and her skills to run a job, sending her to Redemption Harbor to her close and bad-ass friends Skye and Colt.

Running a covet business with his friends to save lives and protect the innocent, Zac Savage is instantly drawn to Olivia and her daughter, as he’s roped in to go undercover as Olivia’s possessive boyfriend, a job that is becoming more of a reality than an undercover operation.

As Zac and Olivia try to outwit the threat that dogs their lives, it becomes even harder for them to outwit the attraction that flares between them. And Savage will rise to lay down his life for the woman who has become his life. With a captivating story, Katie Reus once again takes the readers on an adrenaline ride of heist, bullets, betrayal and friendships…. and add in a bit of humor and “Savage Rising” is a stunning read!

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.

The story was worth the wait!!! I was ecstatic when I heard that Trigger was going to get his own story and “Escape To You” is just as brilliant story as the relationship between the DEA Agent Beck “Trigger” Cooke and the renowned actress Ashley Swan.

Kidnapped and tortured by a supposed friend, Ashley Swan escapes the clutches of her tormentor along with his abused son Adam, as a beacon of a light takes her to the boundaries of Trigger’s ranch. Recuperating from injuries of an undercover op gone wrong, saving Ashley and protecting Adam becomes his first priority compromising his identity to the cartel and jeopardizing his job as a DEA agent.


“Escape To You” is one heck of a story of a courageous woman finding the strength to escape her captor and moving forward with the help and support of good people. It is the story of a kind and big hearted Ashley Swan, as she rights the wrongs done be her captor and giving some powerful people a second chance at life. And it is the story of a wonderful and brilliant actress who wants to give a little boy the happy life he deserves and a father the chance to right some wrongs.

Escape To You” is also the story of a DEA Agent surviving the evil and cruelty of undercover operations, of a man wanting to make the world a better place to live and of a brave man to expose himself to the various cartel to stand beside the woman he loves and the little boy he wants to be a father to.

What fascinates me about Jennifer Ryan is her immense ability to create a heroine so different from each other in every one of stories. With courage, loyalty and strength, being the common foundation, every one of her heroines has a story so filled with pain, betrayal and hurt that reading each one of them makes us question the evil that exists in this world yet gives us hope that there is good to counter this evil attack and faith that honor exists.

For the uninitiated, the Montana Heat Series follows the Montana Men Series and every book can be read as a standalone. I have to repeat this in my review – “Call me biased, but in my opinion Jennifer Ryan writes one of the most brilliant and romantic suspense stories that I’ve ever read. “The Hunted Series” always is going to be my chicken soup for the soul, having lost count of the number of times I’ve read that series.”

You don’t want to miss this Montana Man getting burned by Montana Heat!


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