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Grey. A lump clogged her throat, and her eyes blurred. He was alive. And from the sound of his voice, he was also royally pissed. 


“You okay?”

“Yes. You?”

Instead of telling her he was okay, he shouted, “I have a question for you.”

“What’s that?”

“Marry me?”

Hidden in an alcove beside a bookshelf in the living room, Grey held his breath as he waited for the answer to the most important question he’d ever asked in his life. Proposing in the midst of a gun battle was not the most romantic way to go about such things, but for them, for who they were, this worked perfectly. ~~~~~


Grey Justice and Irelyn Raine, as untraditional as they are, these two have seen and worked a world that one cannot imagine even in their wildest dreams. A man fated to mete out justice to “Too Far Gone” humans who when not governed by law and justice, tend to become the monsters of all monsters. A woman fostered by a monster to become a human killing machine with “Nothing To Lose.” Two unconventional individuals destined to save each other, to protect their legacy and serve the innocent, “Whatever It Takes”.

The finale of the Grey Justice Series, “A Matter Of Justice” is a brilliant revelation of Grey and Irelyn. Two characters so complex and entwined, unraveling their lives is a plethora of darkness and fear, death and loss, hope and trust, family and dreams. The first chapter is a remarkable penmanship of secrets and intimacy, innuendos and suggestions, an array of ‘The What Ifs’, ‘The Why Not’s and ‘The Could Have Been’…

The highlight of their story is not about them burying the evil, but is about them baring their souls to each other. As much as it was an adrenaline thriller, their emotional ride of revelation, the trust they had in each other and the progression of their relationship was the pinnacle of the story. And the credit for creating these two illustrious characters goes to Christy Reece.

And evil should deserve credit. They say revenge is an act of passion, vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged. Crimes are avenged. Without the likes of Sebastian Dark and their twisted minds, we wouldn’t know of the courage, perseverance and determination of justice!

“A Matter Of Justice” should be read to enjoy it’s every word, every nuance, every interaction, and every tiny gesture between Grey and Irelyn – the said and the unsaid, the seen and the unseen, the done and the undone…and the dynamics of the Justice Team as it had developed! This is by far Christy Reece’s best work and the anticipation of reading and be a part of Grey’s and Irelyn’s happily ever after, is pure orgasmic pleasure!!!

A truly fitting finale for the Justice Team and the Justice Series!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.


Cynthia Eden’s Lazarus Rising series follows the lives of enhanced super soldiers, created to from death to kill. Victims of a crazy Lazarus experiment, Maddox Kane is hunting Luna to save her from being terminated. Luna is on the run from an unknown threat, her powers of giving memories back to the soldiers making her one of the most powerful enhanced soldier.


Maddox Kane always had his eyes on Luna and he will kill anyone that comes across his path in protecting her. The sparks fire up into fiery passion with death and betrayal shadowing their every move. Teaming with the rest of the soldiers to face the threats, Maddox and Luna have their backs protected. And as always re-visiting the previous characters is always a pleasure.

Another fast paced romantic suspense narration from Cynthia Eden; “Lie Close To Me” is another great read for Eden’s fans. With every book, there are so many connections and secrets harbored in these stories, making the series pretty captivating and scintillating. Another great thriller from Cynthia Eden!

Received an ARC from the author and Hocus Pocus Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review.

The final book in Lori Foster’s “Body Armor” series is definitely a “Fast Burn”. Bringing Sahara Silver and Brand Berry under one roof is sizzling chemistry and the fiery passion for each other burns the sheets.


Owner of the elite Body Armor serving sexy and badass MMA fighters as bodyguards, Sahara Silver is one damn savvy business -woman, sexy, intelligent and fearless! But Brand Berry brings out the fears and insecurities along with his special Brand of passion and protection for the woman he’s loved for a while.

Two amazing characters scorching the pages and with Lori Foster as the narrator, with enough suspense, drama and supporting characters, “Fast Burn” is a winner all the way!

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.

A new series from Kat Martin is always a pleasure to read. From The Raines to The Brodies to The Boss Inc, all have been a thrilling pleasure to read and now the Texas Trilogy is out next week, and is definitely worth giving it a read.


Book two of the series, “Beyond Danger” throws the Texas mogul Beau Reese smack into the middle of his Senator father’s death and a young girl tied to him as family. Even as he’s reeling under the secrets of his father, his father’s supposedly secretary Cassidy Jones reveals her true identity as a private investigator hired by his father to look into the threats on his life.

As the mystery deepens and secrets slowly see the light of day, so does the attraction between Beau and Cassidy. With danger and death and shadowing them, love and trust seems to bring new hope for a future if they can kill the danger before it kills them.

With an interesting and captivating plot, “Beyond Danger” keeps the suspense going until the last page. Kat Martin’s characters, Beau and Cassidy make a good team with their stubbornness, courage and intelligence, giving the story a good dose of passion and intrigue to make this a worthy read.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books/Zebra via NetGalley for an honest review.

Here is another stunning author of some amazing romantic suspense stories that I have enjoyed so much and continue to do so with her latest I-Team release “Deadly Intent”, a rocking series from Pamela Clare.


A serial killer with “Deadly Intent” killing retired vets brings former US Army Captain Mia Starr and the Pulitzer-prize winning photojournalist, Joaquin Ramirez. As members of her former team are being killed with evidence putting Mia in the crosshairs of the murders and disrupting her life as a biologist and throwing her off balance.

As an investigative journalist for the high profile I-Team, it is only a matter of time before Joaquin is pulled into the investigation leading him directly to Mia, the prime suspect. But as Mia narrowly escapes death, Joaquin is more than entangled with the matters of the heart and he would lay his life down for Mia.

With the support of his investigative team and the protection and resources of the police department, balancing the fine line of attraction, confidence and loyalty sure puts Joaquin in a delicate and dangerous situation, but not at the cost of Mia’s life.

It has been a long time re-visiting I-Team and it’s members and is always a pleasure to enjoy their appearances. Pamela Clare as always is a brilliant writer of romantic suspense stories and she hits the target with “Deadly Intent”. Captivating plot, brilliant characterization and sizzling chemistry adds spice to the story.

Received a copy from Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op via NetGalley for an honest review.

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