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Mary Kildare and Glen Fairchild may be “Not Quite Perfect” for each other but somehow they find themselves together to make a perfect future.

Therapist and a good friend, Mary Kildare has rolled with the punches that life had dealt her, and she has become a successful therapist and had made a life. Although the scars of abandonment and loneliness have taken permanent residence emotionally, she has come a long way in making friends and planting roots. Her quite and normal life takes the wings of a wild and passionate course when Glen Fairchild makes an appearance again.


Wealthy businessman, playboy and pilot Glen Fairchild believes in non-commitment and is always on the course of playing the field. Yet Mary is never far away from his thoughts and when circumstances bring him back to Mary, he acts on the opportunity that fate has given him and so the romance starts.

Catherine Bybee always throws in a surprise and I really didn’t see that spark of danger lurking in Mary’s backyard! And Glen becomes the protector, savior and confident as they try to overcome the threat that shadows Mary. With sassy dialogues and flirty actions, with kind and caring people, pages of warmth and support, and appearance of previous characters only adds more magic to this love story as Mary and Glen try to make the best of a bicoastal relationship.

I love the way Catherine Bybee gives importance to the depth of relationships and the maturity of nurturing them with patience and love. She created Glen and Mary to perfection with their goodness, kindness and just two beautiful people who deserve to be together. Attention to details, the sequence of narration and the practical plot add more flavor and warmth to this fifth book in the “Not Quite Series” making it a brilliant read.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

I don’t know what is about this book, it has been at the back of my mind for eons now! I remember reading it when I was fifteen years old (1985, it was published in 1983), a lifetime ago, when I used to spend all my monthly allowance on buying Mills & Boon romances, Silhouette romances… many fond memories!

I used to have a copy of this and somehow it go misplaced or holdbackthedawn-judithduncanmaybe I just gave it away to a library before I headed to the US. Yet I couldn’t forget it and remember searching various bookstores for it…..and after all these years here I get a copy of it, courtesy Amazon and it’s independent sellers😉

Again not sure what it is about this story that had me spellbound – maybe it’s the geologist heroine Leslie Kairns or Steve McRory the handsome and subtle alpha of the old times!!! Subtle alpha I say, because there’s been a vast swing of the pendulum in the writing of romances, the characterizations, the softer sex (LOL) and reading this book only brought open all the differences of romance writing – then and now! All good though, addicted as I am to reading a good romance.

I loved re-visiting this romance a couple of days and I enjoyed it even more than I had before. It tickled me pink to read the scene where Leslie gets a pair of joggers as a gift and Steve telling her to save the box to help him with other actions (she is below 5′), or the emotional scene where she comes to know who her father is or the intense power-play with her step-father……so many scenes that I remembered!

Just had to share this little jewel from my lifetime of reading….



I read Jude and Lailah’s story to HEA in “Within These Walls”. I’ve come to know of Roman Cavenaugh, Jude’s older brother, their history filled with loss, pain and insecurities. And I’ve applauded he special relationship between Lailah and Roman, and now it’s Roman’s turn to step from “Behind Closed Doors” and find his woman and his HEA.


A man tortured with a painful past, always trying to please his father and living in the shadow of his stellar younger brother, Roman Cavenaugh grew up with fears of failures. Second-guessing himself all the time, drowning his insecurities in work and women, may not exorcise the ghosts, but his temporary assistant Cara may just be his salvation.

Coming to the Big Apple from Nebraska, Cara Hamilton wants to make a career in New York and a life with her boyfriend Taylor. But fate has a different life for her, as she battles the end of her relationship with Taylor, and her attraction to her boss, Roman. The big city may be fast-paced, yet Cara seems to maintain her innocence, her tenacity and survival as she goes through the emotions of love, insecurities and betrayal.

Jennifer Berg has been and will be one of my favorite authors, and her tremendous growth from her Ready series to now is stupendous. With each book she has grown in depth and her characters have become up close and personal. As she incorporates real life incidents and feelings into the fiction, they only give more life and credibility to her narration.

Roman and Cara will always remain one of my favorites of her characters. With great attention to details, Jennifer penned “Behind Closed Doors” with the utmost care and vulnerability. Roman and Cara will steal your hearts with their beautiful souls and just being good people who deserve all the happiness in the world.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

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I adore Lisa Marie Rice’s Midnight Series – every one of those sizzlers and I have revisited them innumerable times, that I’ve stopped counting. And now with her latest re-release of “A Fine Specimen”, I get to feel the sizzle and the simmer between the tough lieutenant Alex Cruz and the scholarly Caitlin Summers.


What got to me is Lisa’s style of narration – crisp, sharp and full of wit that tickles our funny bones. If studying dominance in law enforcement is Caitlin’s dissertation, Alex is the epitome of dominance and yet Caitlin is his downfall. I loved Alex’ perspective, his thoughts, his fears and his brilliant and humorous effort to keep Caitlin in his apartment.

With funny and supportive cop central behind, “A Fine Specimen’ is pure charming romance that would bring a chuckle and gives a satisfaction of reading a good love story. Alex and Caitlin are just adorable, and I just can’t get over Alex and his antics. A definite spunk-worthy read!

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.


You want something charismatic and sweet, irresistible and endearing, lovable and fuzzy…. then all you need to do is grab one of Melanie Shawn’s innumerable romances and enjoy their delicious and steamy love stories.

Their latest novella is part of the Someday Series, and this is a super quick read as Michelle Mitchell finally gets her “Book Boyfriend” Sebastian Winters.


Student and book nerd, Michelle is a totally anti normal girl with purple streaks, quirky fashion sense, and tats, loves her books, loves her college and loves life. Having Sebastian Winters, the college’s star baseball player and ranker follow her on Instagram totally rocks her world. And Sebastian Winters has been eyeing Michelle for the longest time and finally he seems to get his dream girl forever.

The reason I love this sister duo of Melanie and Shawna is no matter the length of the story, they can create real and relatable characters that mold well with the narration story, without leaving the readers feeling deprived of the development of characters or their individuality. There is no dearth of emotions and romance, importance to secondary characters or the true essence of the plot.

And the cover is gorgeous!!!!!

This is too cute a love story to pass, and is a definite read

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

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