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A new series from Melinda Leigh brings on another dose of adrenaline rush and suspense, as she introduces the readers to Morgan Dane and Lance Kruger, their thirst for justice that reunites them and an attraction that flares into passion and the evolving of their relationship.


Book one in the Morgan Dane series, “Say You’re Sorry”, plunges Morgan Dane into an investigation of her one time baby sitter, Tessa. Coming to Scarlet Falls with her three daughters to start fresh after her husband’s death, was on her agenda. Getting back into her role of a prosecutor was her next step, but circumstances take her to the other side of law, as she sacrifices her career to defend an innocent.

Teaming up with Lance Kruger, an ex-cop and now a private investigator, the hunt for the murderer reveals secrets and betrayals that led to the death of an innocent young girl. As the secrets fall open, so does the relationship between Lance and Morgan, giving them a second chance to see if they can have a future.

What I love about Melinda Leigh is her prowess at peeling layer after layer of revelations, keeping that suspense going, making “Say You’re Sorry” a very interesting read, as she gives immense attention to details of the investigation as well as developing the relationship between Lance and Morgan. Placing secondary characters at the right place in the plot, making them an important part of the story adds strength and character.

A brilliant start to what seems to be a brilliant series!

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.

If you haven’t read Jennifer Jaynes, you are missing reading one of the most fascinating writers of suspense. Her plots are multi layered, keeping the readers on the edge of the seats as she takes the story though a multitude of ups and downs.


Her latest suspense, “The Stranger Inside” is one of her best-written mysteries, questioning our ability of really knowing a person no matter how close, the decisions and choices made in debilitating situations, and the very core of human psyche.

Mystery writer Diane Christie and her son relocate to a small coastal town to start fresh, leaving behind a painful past and also hoping to bring her family together and mend her broken relationship with her college going daughter. Quite as the town maybe, but a series of college student’s murders rock the town and the killer is fixated on Diane.

With every page filled with emotion, keeping the plot tight with suspense, Jennifer Jaynes does a brilliant job of taking the readers to the very core of “The Stranger Inside.” Without giving away the suspense, all I can say is I definitely did not see the ending coming and it left me with so many questions of the choices and decisions we make in our lives. Characters have been created with the utmost detail to perfection and the sublime and unconditional love adds another perfect dimension to the story.

“The Stranger Inside” comes out May 09, 2017

Received a copy from the author for an honest review.

I love Jill Sanders and her Pride Series is one of top favorites. And now nothing like going to the other extreme of enjoying a mystery, psychic powers and a series that leaves us with goose bumps and more questions than answers.


“The Beckoning” is book 2 in her Entangled Series, continues the mystery surrounding Hidden Creek, Georgia. Breanna seems to be waking up in places that she’s never been to and seeing events that may happen in the future. Visions of Ethan and with an excuse to use her investigative journalism to research some occurrences, Brea ends up in Hidden Creek. And the mystery, the eerie events, and the past that seems to flow into the present, only makes this story even more intriguing and captivating.

Make sure that the series is read in sequence starting with “The Awakening” as all the characters are connected by the central plot of the series…. a disappearance and the events that seem to bring all the characters together, including the parents. With individual love stories incorporated into the main plot, Jill Sanders keeps the narration thrilling and totally spine-chilling.

Received an ARC from the author/publisher for an honest review.

I’ve read all of Dale Mayer’s psychic series and they are one of my favorites especially the first seven. And Stefan’s story is just the best of the lot. But they can be read as stand-alones.


“Now You See Her” brings Tia into the crosshairs of a psychotic killer experimenting on people with special powers wanting to gain control and power. Being a puppet in this special program for ten years, Tia finally escapes the imprisonment, yet she couldn’t get away from the evil personified. Raw and innocent, not having the strength to control her special powers, she ends up in Stefan’s care and Dean’s protection.

A cop and moonlighting as a security guard at the hospital, Dean has seen a lot in his service, yet Tia leaves him speechless with her powers and has him mesmerized with her personality. Giving her protection in his home only brings these two together and Dean’s calmness and energy seems to give Tia the strength and protection to keep herself safe.

Interesting and mesmerizing, Dale Mayer takes us on another thrilling journey as Tia and Dean try to stay alive to make a future together. And it’s always a pleasure to have some of the earlier characters make an appearance.

Received an ARC from Barclay Publicity/Valley Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

Kendra Elliot is on the fast lane of being a brilliant writer of thrillers and each one surpasses the last one she had penned. Book 4 of her Callahan and McLane Series, “Targeted” takes the readers on a ride of hatred and revenge as a mask of evil covers the law enforcement.

An all-men vacation of some members of the OSO ends in the gruesome murder of their Captain, Danny Schefte, leaving Mason Callahan and the rest of the team reeling with shock and disbelief of the heinous kill. As more bodies are found, FBI steps in along with Ava McLane and the search and clues lead to Mason being the target. And Ava has her job cut out trying to save the love of her life and deal with personal revelations of a past her mother had kept secret.


More than the suspense and the ultimate bagging of the perpetrator, what always captivates me is the brilliant plotting of the story by Kendra. Be it professional or personal, emotional or sentimental, dramatic or intriguing, her attention to detail is flawless, narration is gripping and the dialogues and action have the perfect impact on the reader.

“Mason’s heart jumped as Ava stepped out of the her vehicle…her low voice that always set his stomach aflutter. Fluttering in a masculine way.”

I just love the way Kendra has made sure that every book of the series shows progress in Mason’s and Ava’s journey. The talk between Zander and Ava is beautifully penned with care and support and this would remain as one of my most unforgettable moments of a beautiful friendship. Ava and Mason’s confidence in each other and their solidarity are in full bloom as they deal with Ava’s psychotic sister. And Ava’s face to face with a past that she’s totally unaware of is a brilliant left field knockout!

“Targeted” is a perfect combination of romance and love, suspense and thrill, support and friendship that targets your heart with the satisfaction of reading a well-written novel.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

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