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It’s always a pleasure reading Nora Roberts and I will honestly admit that I can be totally biased where she is concerned. And in my opinion, no reviews can do justice to her stories.


“Mind Over Matter” is a republish and it is very nice visiting her characters, David Brady and A.J. Fields, total opposites that destiny seems to bring them together. David’s search for a psychic to star in his paranormal documentary brings him to A.J. Fields, an agent. As they pit against each other during the interviews and the filming, sparks flare and so does love.

Nora Roberts is a master at weaving stories of intrigue and passion. Her flair of writing needs to be read to enjoy her art and every time I read an intimate scene in her books, it is a rhythm of passion and a lyric of love. I loved Aurora Fields as she tries to fend the attraction for David, and David himself is a worthy character of her love. Add in a couple of surprises and “Mind Over Matter” is a pleasure read of suspense, love and family.

Received an ARC from Harlequin Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

My second read of Loreth Anne White started a tad bit slow, but sure picked up speed along with my heart beat, as “The Drowned Girls” kept resurfacing, brutalized, sodomized and victims of a larger, more powerful and unspeakable evil.


And Detective Angie Pallorino is trench deep in finding a serial killer targeting young girls, a case that can actually make her or break her. With her personal life shattered with a sick mother, and a wary relationship with her father, Angie is thrown into battling repressed memories of a childhood she can’t really reconcile.

Working alongside her new boss turned lover James Maddocks, both have a shitload of personal baggage they need to take care of, yet there are sparks and enough chemistry to support each other, work alongside to catch the killer or together die trying to save more innocents. They care, they help, and they have some kick-ass cops as family to protect and serve.

First of her new Angie Pallorino Series, “The Drowned Girls” sure will drown you in pages of suspense, the evil that hides behind power, of innocent lost and of secrets that people carry, that always have painful repercussions. I have to admit the beginning started off a bit slow, but boy did it pick up speed and action after the first few pages.

And coming to Loreth Anne White, she is an eloquent writer wielding a mighty pen or maybe her laptop, and a brilliant creative mind! She did a fabulous job with Pallorino and Maddocks. They may have different family dynamics and diverse personalities, but the common goal of justice gives them a purpose and the abundance of care gives them hope to do their jobs, protect the innocent and maybe manage a relationship amidst the crazies. The plot is captivating, enough twists to keep you guessing, and the secondary characters are the special condiments adding flavor to this thriller.

I shall definitely follow Pallorino and Maddocks, now that my curiosity is piqued with Angie’s mysterious past and how Loreth will develop Maddocks’s and Angie’s relationship.

Received a copy from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.


Kendra Eliot’s new “Mercy Kilptrick” series started off with “A Merciful Death” as Mercy Kilpatrick returns to her little rural town of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon, where secrets are buried deep, and the residents are perpetual preppers, waiting for a disaster to strike…. living off the grid and off of the land.


As FBI Agent Mercy Kilptrick tries to settle into the town, bonds with the Police Chief Truman Daly, and tries to mend fences with her family, a series of fires and killing of law officials rocks the little town and Truman and Mercy get right into the middle of it. And when the threat comes close to home and with rumors of anti-government militia residing in Eagle’s Nest, all bets are off and Mercy and Truman will unearth every single hidden secret to bring the killer to justice.

“A Merciful Truth” is another brilliant fiction as Kendra concentrates on developing the growing relationship between Truman and Mercy, as the townsfolk get used to Mercy’s presence in the town, but never deviating from the plot of the story. With suspense gracing each page, with loyalty and courage tested as the killer accelerates, I never even imagined or anticipated the twisted truth that comes at the end!

With great attention to the dynamics of the Kilpatrick family, Kendra Elliot weaves another intense story of family loyalties, loss and pain, hope and faith and the nuances of a small rural town’s lifestyle and a great insight into the mentality of preppers and survivalists. And I’ve always loved her prowess of developing a personal relationship, layer by layer, book by book…my favorite attribute of her.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Net Galley for an honest review.


A new series from Melinda Leigh brings on another dose of adrenaline rush and suspense, as she introduces the readers to Morgan Dane and Lance Kruger, their thirst for justice that reunites them and an attraction that flares into passion and the evolving of their relationship.


Book one in the Morgan Dane series, “Say You’re Sorry”, plunges Morgan Dane into an investigation of her one time baby sitter, Tessa. Coming to Scarlet Falls with her three daughters to start fresh after her husband’s death, was on her agenda. Getting back into her role of a prosecutor was her next step, but circumstances take her to the other side of law, as she sacrifices her career to defend an innocent.

Teaming up with Lance Kruger, an ex-cop and now a private investigator, the hunt for the murderer reveals secrets and betrayals that led to the death of an innocent young girl. As the secrets fall open, so does the relationship between Lance and Morgan, giving them a second chance to see if they can have a future.

What I love about Melinda Leigh is her prowess at peeling layer after layer of revelations, keeping that suspense going, making “Say You’re Sorry” a very interesting read, as she gives immense attention to details of the investigation as well as developing the relationship between Lance and Morgan. Placing secondary characters at the right place in the plot, making them an important part of the story adds strength and character.

A brilliant start to what seems to be a brilliant series!

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.

If you haven’t read Jennifer Jaynes, you are missing reading one of the most fascinating writers of suspense. Her plots are multi layered, keeping the readers on the edge of the seats as she takes the story though a multitude of ups and downs.


Her latest suspense, “The Stranger Inside” is one of her best-written mysteries, questioning our ability of really knowing a person no matter how close, the decisions and choices made in debilitating situations, and the very core of human psyche.

Mystery writer Diane Christie and her son relocate to a small coastal town to start fresh, leaving behind a painful past and also hoping to bring her family together and mend her broken relationship with her college going daughter. Quite as the town maybe, but a series of college student’s murders rock the town and the killer is fixated on Diane.

With every page filled with emotion, keeping the plot tight with suspense, Jennifer Jaynes does a brilliant job of taking the readers to the very core of “The Stranger Inside.” Without giving away the suspense, all I can say is I definitely did not see the ending coming and it left me with so many questions of the choices and decisions we make in our lives. Characters have been created with the utmost detail to perfection and the sublime and unconditional love adds another perfect dimension to the story.

“The Stranger Inside” comes out May 09, 2017

Received a copy from the author for an honest review.

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