A new series from Melinda Leigh brings on another dose of adrenaline rush and suspense, as she introduces the readers to Morgan Dane and Lance Kruger, their thirst for justice that reunites them and an attraction that flares into passion and the evolving of their relationship.


Book one in the Morgan Dane series, “Say You’re Sorry”, plunges Morgan Dane into an investigation of her one time baby sitter, Tessa. Coming to Scarlet Falls with her three daughters to start fresh after her husband’s death, was on her agenda. Getting back into her role of a prosecutor was her next step, but circumstances take her to the other side of law, as she sacrifices her career to defend an innocent.

Teaming up with Lance Kruger, an ex-cop and now a private investigator, the hunt for the murderer reveals secrets and betrayals that led to the death of an innocent young girl. As the secrets fall open, so does the relationship between Lance and Morgan, giving them a second chance to see if they can have a future.

What I love about Melinda Leigh is her prowess at peeling layer after layer of revelations, keeping that suspense going, making “Say You’re Sorry” a very interesting read, as she gives immense attention to details of the investigation as well as developing the relationship between Lance and Morgan. Placing secondary characters at the right place in the plot, making them an important part of the story adds strength and character.

A brilliant start to what seems to be a brilliant series!

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.