Kaylea Cross needs no introduction and neither do her stories of war torn heroes, their trials and tribulations and their happily ever after.


Her latest DEA Fast Series takes the readers into another team of military heroes as they battle the evil and finds love along the way. Second in the series, “Fast Kill” brings DEA special agent Taylor Kennedy and FAST Bravo agent Logan Granger together again as they battle Kennedy’s past that seems to threaten their future.

Kennedy’s shitty and violent childhood motivates her to go on a path to serve justice and that same past seems to bring danger to her door as her protector and savior from foster years ends up on the wrong side of the law. With a target on her head, from a deadly cartel, Kennedy gets under the protection of Logan and together they have to end the nightmare of violence, drugs and death.

Another fast paced read from Kaylea Cross, just enough passion and adrenaline to pleasure the readers.

Received an ARC from Kaylea Cross Inc. via NetGalley for an honest review.