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Gosh! I can never get tired of reading Laura Griffin and her “Tracers Series” is one of the best romantic suspense and one of my top favorites.


Book #12 of the series, “A Touch Of Red” brings CSI Brooke Porter and Homicide Detective Sean Byrne together as they get involved in a grisly murder investigation. As they get deeper into the investigation, the possibility of a young witness to the crime, takes Brooke deeper into the case than required, becoming a target for the killer. With Sean having deeper feelings for Brooke, the case becomes personal as well as deadly as he tries to protect Brooke.

It’s hard writing a review for a thriller without giving away spoilers. It’s always a pleasure to revisit her amazing characters of this series as they keep making appearances in the various stories. And as the Delphi Center and the Wolfe Security co-exit and crossover, it only adds an element of suspense and danger to this series, making it even more irresistible to avoid and get caught up in the danger and evil surrounding these characters.

Laura Griffin is one amazing writer of thrillers as she maintains a tight plot, a balance of the dark with the light, the humor with the grim and the powerful chemistry and vibes between the main characters.

Received an ARC from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via NetGalley for an honest review.

My second read of Loreth Anne White started a tad bit slow, but sure picked up speed along with my heart beat, as “The Drowned Girls” kept resurfacing, brutalized, sodomized and victims of a larger, more powerful and unspeakable evil.


And Detective Angie Pallorino is trench deep in finding a serial killer targeting young girls, a case that can actually make her or break her. With her personal life shattered with a sick mother, and a wary relationship with her father, Angie is thrown into battling repressed memories of a childhood she can’t really reconcile.

Working alongside her new boss turned lover James Maddocks, both have a shitload of personal baggage they need to take care of, yet there are sparks and enough chemistry to support each other, work alongside to catch the killer or together die trying to save more innocents. They care, they help, and they have some kick-ass cops as family to protect and serve.

First of her new Angie Pallorino Series, “The Drowned Girls” sure will drown you in pages of suspense, the evil that hides behind power, of innocent lost and of secrets that people carry, that always have painful repercussions. I have to admit the beginning started off a bit slow, but boy did it pick up speed and action after the first few pages.

And coming to Loreth Anne White, she is an eloquent writer wielding a mighty pen or maybe her laptop, and a brilliant creative mind! She did a fabulous job with Pallorino and Maddocks. They may have different family dynamics and diverse personalities, but the common goal of justice gives them a purpose and the abundance of care gives them hope to do their jobs, protect the innocent and maybe manage a relationship amidst the crazies. The plot is captivating, enough twists to keep you guessing, and the secondary characters are the special condiments adding flavor to this thriller.

I shall definitely follow Pallorino and Maddocks, now that my curiosity is piqued with Angie’s mysterious past and how Loreth will develop Maddocks’s and Angie’s relationship.

Received a copy from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.


As the little town of Solitude is reeling under the shock of the death of the hot shot TV star Chase Ryan, and the killer is handcuffed, Detective Seth Harding takes the responsibility of guarding the killer as Zane and Stevie Duncan finally go off on heir honeymoon.


But all is not what it seems as Seth and his Deputy are literally thrown off the road to death, and the killer disappears. As the search for the killer continues, secrets come to light and the fury of an obsessed fan crackles the quite town of Solitude. With a teenage girl caught in crossfire of her obsessed mother, his wife Carly Taylor steps in to protect her, putting herself in danger. With so many suspects lined up, and a celebrity’ secrets revealed for money, Seth has to race against time to save Carly as she sits on a ticking time bomb.

“Burned By Her Devotion” is the conclusion to the two part series Rogue Vows. Co-written by Kendra Elliot (Death By Her Devotion/Novella#1) and Melinda Leigh, here’s another chance to revisit Seth and his wife Carly, and the little town of Solitude where the original Rogue River Series started.

Brilliant at what she does best, writing romantic suspense keeping her readers enthralled, Melinda Leigh pens a thrilling conclusion for Seth and Carly.

For the uninitiated or new readers, this series would be a great start to get to know two wonderful authors/writers. And you would be tempted to read the Rogue River Series where all the suspense, evil, death and romance started.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Net Galley for an honest review.



Dead No More – Ghostly Terror!!

There are very few writers that I hold in high regard and L.R Nicolello is definitely one of them. Writing is a laborious task that takes plenty of research, taking time away from family, endless dialogue with characters, and a detailed eye to the flow of the story. Some are born with the talent and harvest their skills with a passion and some hone their skills to get to that point. Nicolello is definitely from the first category and her books are an ultimate treasure trove of pure reading pleasure.

“Dead No More” brings us up close and personal with Lily Andrews. A woman of epic qualities of courage, loyalty and fearlessness, she was once the sought after agent of the covert Unit 67, buried deep under the layers of the US Intelligence. A career that she walked away from, without a second thought, when she was betrayed and thrown to her death by her partner and fiancée Jackson. Anger burns in her veins, rage rules her heart and revenge gives her a breath of life. She lives for the country and she can never ever forgive a person who betrays her country.


Special ops agent Derek Moretti breaches her Fort Knox as he needs Lily to help him pursue a sociopath who is selling advanced weaponry to terrorists and is hell bent on taking down a country for personal revenge. Having surveyed her for months, living in close proximity yet not beside her, breathing her daily life for months puts Derek in the crossfires of a love he never saw coming. Meeting Lily face to face only hits close to home the feelings this sexy alpha has been hiding; Working side by side on the mission only brings out the fear and protective instincts for the woman who has stolen his heart.

If Nicolello’s first book “Dead Don’t Lie” is loaded with pain, sympathy, torture and loss of loved ones, “Dead No More” is an adrenaline ride of rage, revenge and fiery anger for rich and powerful, planning nuclear destruction. If the first book brings out heart-wrenching sorrow, agony and trauma, “Dead No More” brings out the fierce loyalty, allegiance and the pride soldiers breath to keep their homeland safe from threats, domestic or foreign. Both books stand alone as intense and powerful stories of courage, endurance and love. The contrast between these two stories is so immense; it just brings out the writing prowess of the writer!

You will not encounter another pair like Lily and Derek. Fast and furious, passionate and sizzling, honest and loyal, defiant and kickass!!!! Nicolello has done an amazing job of etching these two perfect people to the point of human imperfection. Giving them equality within their professions, yet keeping them vulnerable to the daily pleasures and insecurities of life is just perfect. Their union is just pure magic with thunderstorms and lightening!


“Dead No More” is another brilliant romantic suspense, and putting the book down for a break is not an option. Revisiting Evelyn and Marcus was pure delight and emotional, and it actually brought a lump to my throat as I remembered their story and union.

A winner for me all the way and it comes alive January 5, 2015

Received an ARC from Harlequin via Netgalley for an honest review.

Cynthia Eden is one of those writers churning intense, intoxicating, dark and soul consuming stories in her sleep!!!! She never ceases to amaze me with her fascinating paranormal or hot alpha males totally obsessive of their ladies, walking on the wild side.

Her new series “Dark Obsession” is a trilogy surrounding three bodyguards and their intense passion and consuming love for their mates. Guarding 24/7 and close proximity only deepens their desire.


“Watch Me” champions the trilogy, with Chance Valentine trying very, very hard to stay away from his obsession Gwen Hawthorne. Working for her Senator Father as security, brought him close to Gwen, and his consuming desire and professionalism takes him away from Gwen before he loses himself in her.

But fate is not done taking a chance with Chance, and when Gwen’s life is in danger, he gets hired by the Senator to guard his daughter. A proximity that brings to fore all his love and passion for Gwen and a desire that refuses to bite the dust. As Chance and Gwen ignite their passion for each other and set fire to their love, a killer is lurking in the shadows, threatening Gwen and bringing a past to collide with the present.

It never ceases to amaze me no matter how short or long her stories are, she never compromises on the depth of the characters. Short or long her stories always leave me with an orgasmic satisfaction ;). Cynthia Eden skillfully takes her readers on a seductive and sensual ride into the dark obsession and leaves them panting for more!!!

Look out for “Want Me” in January 2015 and “Need Me” on February 2015

Received an ARC from Hocus Pocus Publishing Inc via Netgalley for an honest review

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