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“Searching for Billy Shakespeare” is on f the most fun, trendy and spunky romances I’ve read. Penned by Crista McHugh, Gabe Harrison (appeared in her Kelly series) gets his own happy story with Kate Mireau, the introverted grad student and the Shakespeare addict working on her dissertation.


Teaching literature as she finishes her dissertation, circumstances take Kate Mireau to the residence of Ari to share an apartment. With makeovers and care, friendship brews and late night calls with Gabe Harrison, spurs the sparks of romance.

Gabe Harrison is auditioning for a role that requires Kate’s expertise in Shakespeare, and with late night calls, conversations and a family incident brings Gabe face to face with the stunning and elusive Kate and he’s willing to go “Measure To Measure” to make Kate his forever. Insecurities and fears are shared, gossip and conversations are discussed, and feelings and emotions are addressed, all with the power of love remaining the ultimate.

Looks like Crista McHugh came back with a stunning story after a brief hiatus and what a comeback. I was so entertained with her Kelly Series, and now with “Searching For Billy Shakespeare” shows her penmanship and her mastery of narration. It’s beautiful reading Gabe get his love story, the appearance of the Kelly brothers, and the attention she pays to Kate’s feelings in regards to discovering Gabe being a prominent Hollywood actor – all add so much depth and personality to the characters.

What can I say about Crista McHugh – she’s been and will be one of my all time favorite writers. She writes such genuine love stories that are so relatable to our daily lives and makes reading them such a pleasure. Simple, classy and charming creations are her fictions.

Received an ARC from Seasons Publishing via NetGalley and the Author for an honest review.

Have you guys visited the little town of Chance, Nebraska, prone to tornados of the weather kind and so much more of the tempestuous kind? Definitely all twisted up and tangled up in the game of love and passion!


Book two of Erin Nicholas’s Taking Chances series, has Max Grady chasing the storm of his lifetime with Bree McDermott. Adrenaline junkies they may be, but Max is feeling the need to put roots and Bree is all tangled up in inexplicable feelings of passion, care, love and the big commitment of life.

“Tangled Up” is one of those books that had to be read every word to feel the emotions, taste the passion, understand the sublime dynamics of Chance, enjoy the witty dialogues and savor the wholesome love story that Erin Nicholas created with so much care, depth and detail, created in tangent with “Twisted Up”

And this is where her prowess as a writer, a master of imagination and the queen of plotting is seen firsthand. Max and Bree will warm themselves into our hearts as they work out their fears and insecurities between heating up the sheets and cooling off with ice cream!

Do not miss one single line of this love story with its depth of emotions, wealth of family and friends, bucketful of witty banter and topped with hot fudge and cherry of love!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

If you haven’t tuned into the “Shaughnessy Brothers” yet, you are missing another wonderful series of romance and family dynamics by one of my favorite authors Samantha Chase. Book three of the series “This Is Our Song” takes us up close to Riley Shaughnessy, the musician of the clan.

Battling a musician’s block, a deadline looming and with the label threatening his very career, Riley Shaughnessy is going through the worst time of his life and having a judgmental entertainment reporter writing an article about him is not his kind of music.


Stardom doesn’t faze Savannah Daly and neither does sexy and handsome rock stars. Or so she thinks, until she’s forced to write an article about Riley and ends up spending a month with him and his family. If you’ve read the Shaughnessys, you know they can be pretty overwhelming.

Another charming love story although I think Samantha Chase gave more importance to Riley’s angst, insecurities and issues, which is a welcome change, rather than a full-blown romance. You’ll read more of the family dynamics in this book than others, and it is actually pretty neat as the circumstances are created for us to be a part of the Shaughnessy family. And adding Savannah’s parents to the equation makes it pretty interesting. So be prepared to read more of Riley’s thoughts, family banter and interaction, and less of Riley and Savannah romance.

You’ll like Riley and Savannah as they go through the ups and downs of love, navigating the various high notes as well as the low notes, trying to find their song. This love story is more of Riley, and the Shaughnessys and a tad less of romance between Savannah and Riley. And Samantha Chase doesn’t disappoint, yet this story is very different from her usual style.

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.


As the little town of Solitude is reeling under the shock of the death of the hot shot TV star Chase Ryan, and the killer is handcuffed, Detective Seth Harding takes the responsibility of guarding the killer as Zane and Stevie Duncan finally go off on heir honeymoon.


But all is not what it seems as Seth and his Deputy are literally thrown off the road to death, and the killer disappears. As the search for the killer continues, secrets come to light and the fury of an obsessed fan crackles the quite town of Solitude. With a teenage girl caught in crossfire of her obsessed mother, his wife Carly Taylor steps in to protect her, putting herself in danger. With so many suspects lined up, and a celebrity’ secrets revealed for money, Seth has to race against time to save Carly as she sits on a ticking time bomb.

“Burned By Her Devotion” is the conclusion to the two part series Rogue Vows. Co-written by Kendra Elliot (Death By Her Devotion/Novella#1) and Melinda Leigh, here’s another chance to revisit Seth and his wife Carly, and the little town of Solitude where the original Rogue River Series started.

Brilliant at what she does best, writing romantic suspense keeping her readers enthralled, Melinda Leigh pens a thrilling conclusion for Seth and Carly.

For the uninitiated or new readers, this series would be a great start to get to know two wonderful authors/writers. And you would be tempted to read the Rogue River Series where all the suspense, evil, death and romance started.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Net Galley for an honest review.



Rebecca Zanetti writes some wickedly sexy paranormal and sci-fi stories that keep our adrenaline flowing, with spine chilling confrontations and passionate and lustful encounters that melt even the ice-cold glaciers!


Book two in the Realm Enforcers,“Wicked Edge” puts Daire Dunne in the cross hairs of beauty and danger. As the enforcer of the Coven Nine he has his job cut out for him, but nothing prepares him for the drugged lust and attraction he feels for the sexy Cee Cee, little knowing that this is one dangerous lady on a mission.

Cee Cee finally has the intel to avenge the death of her family. With the people responsible for the death of her husband in sight, she has no time for the alpha Daire or his rules. But a lady gotta do what she’s gotta do to reach her goal as she kicks ass and Daire is one unhappy enforcer left woozy!. Circumstances put them in each other’s company to protect Cee Cee and keep her safe as he supports her in her mission.

And what we get is another action packed story as Rebecca Zanetti takes her readers on a ride of danger, death, betrayal and love. It amazes me the plot that she comes up to keep her readers captivated and have them at the edge of their seats! And it is no easy task to keep a series going with the same momentum and passion!

Received an ARC from Kensington Books/Lyrical Press) via NetGalley for an honest review.


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