Have you guys visited the little town of Chance, Nebraska, prone to tornados of the weather kind and so much more of the tempestuous kind? Definitely all twisted up and tangled up in the game of love and passion!


Book two of Erin Nicholas’s Taking Chances series, has Max Grady chasing the storm of his lifetime with Bree McDermott. Adrenaline junkies they may be, but Max is feeling the need to put roots and Bree is all tangled up in inexplicable feelings of passion, care, love and the big commitment of life.

“Tangled Up” is one of those books that had to be read every word to feel the emotions, taste the passion, understand the sublime dynamics of Chance, enjoy the witty dialogues and savor the wholesome love story that Erin Nicholas created with so much care, depth and detail, created in tangent with “Twisted Up”

And this is where her prowess as a writer, a master of imagination and the queen of plotting is seen firsthand. Max and Bree will warm themselves into our hearts as they work out their fears and insecurities between heating up the sheets and cooling off with ice cream!

Do not miss one single line of this love story with its depth of emotions, wealth of family and friends, bucketful of witty banter and topped with hot fudge and cherry of love!

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.