The Red Stone Security Series by Katie Reus seems to be expanding by leaps and bounds as we get to meet the extended members and their happily ever after. And I’m sure I had mentioned innumerable times that this series is one of my top favorites to-go-to-when-I-need-a-lift-kind of books, and I keep revisiting this series every time my heart craves some danger and romance all rolled into one…and this is the last of the series.


Book 15 and the final of the series, “Lethal Game” is just as explosive as the previous Red Stone stories, bringing Graysen West to woo back Isa Harper back into his life. As a CIA circumstances had Graysen betraying Isa Harper and now leaving the CIA and pulling all strings to become an employee of Red Stone Security is just the beginning of his battle for love.

Isa has finally left a painful past and has made a good life for herself with Red Stone, a small group of friends she calls family and a job that gives her satisfaction. Coming face to face with Graysen is a slap in her face, yet she agrees to work with him to get him out of her system once and for all. And working together to stop a team of terrorists only brings them closer and hopefully can get past the betrayal and hurt to have a future together.

Another captivating and short story revolving around Red Stone Security, “Lethal Game” is a fitting conclusion to the series and the epilogue is touching and sweet.

I will miss this series a lot!!!!

Received an ARC from KR Press LLC, via NetGalley for an honest review.