Kendra Elliot’s new series, takes us into the little rural town of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon, where secrets are buried deep, and the residents are perpetual preppers, waiting for a disaster to strike…. living off the grid and off of the land.

Hometown to FBI special agent Mercy Kilpatrick, a series of murders brings her back to the town she had left fifteen years and a to family estranged with divided loyalties. Coming back to her roots is bittersweet but it also awakens a deadly serial killer gone quite throwing Mercy into the crosshairs of danger.


Thrown together with the local police chief Truman Daly to assist in solving the murders, Mercy and Truman drawn into a deadly game of missing weapons and possible terrorist activities. Working side by side, Truman admires the survivalist side of her even as she makes a place in his heart. But Mercy also has secrets buried deep in Eagle’s Nest that could break the fragile bond between her and Truman.

“A Merciful Death” is a brilliantly narrated thriller; Kendra Elliot keeps the plot tight and twisted until the very end. With great attention to the dynamics of the Kilpatrick family, she weaves an intense story of family loyalties, loss and pain, hope and faith and the nuances of a small rural town’s lifestyle and a great insight into the mentality of preppers and survivalists.

A great start to what seems to be another intense and captivating series, can’t wait to see how Kendra Elliot will evolve Mercy Kilpatrick on a personal level as well as professionally. “A Merciful Truth” will follow “A Merciful Death”.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Net Galley for an honest review.