Laura Trentham’s Falcon Football Series continues to be captivating and charming as I finally get to her third book, “Melting Into You”, as the city returned artist Lilliana Hancock is busy melting the hard demeanor of Alec Grayson.

With a NFL career gone south due to an injury and betrayed by close ones, Alec Grayson lives his dreams being the quarterback coach for the Falcon High School. Caring deeply and wanting to help teenagers keep off of the streets and give them a better chance at fulfilling their dreams, Alec would risk getting hurt and personally involved to help them.


And Lilliana Hancock was never a part of his life and his goal. Coming to Falcon to turn her father’s home into a B&B hasn’t been easy, yet is a better plan than being a struggling artist in the Big Apple. Although making out with Alec, who also happens to be the town contractor, was never on her agenda.

Attraction has a way to bring people together, chemistry is a powerful element to bond and empathy and helpfulness is a common goal that brings Alec and Lilliana together as they try to sort through the fears and insecurities, past hurt and betrayal and come to grips of their for each other.

Another charming book by Laura Trentham, “Melting Into You” is a warm hearted read definite to bring a smile, a tear, a chuckle and the pleasure of reading a sweet love story.

Received an ARC from St. Martins Press via NetGalley for an honest review.