With “Midnight Betrayal” we got a front row seat to the introduction of Dr. Louisa Hancock and her boyfriend Conor Sullivan, owner of a Philly sports bar along with his brothers. Just when both Louisa and Conor have put a traumatic past behind and have come together for a future, Louisa’s father Dr. Ward gets kidnapped by a delusional person living in the medieval mythology of warriors and deaths, and “Midnight Obsession” gives us an enthralling read

And just like that Conor and Louisa are drawn into an evil game of power and courage, gangs and deaths, warriors and age-old rituals. It also brings Conor and Louisa closer in their relationship as the events and circumstances give them an opportunity to build trust, honesty, protectiveness and support. As they try to decipher the ritual killings and hope to find Dr. Ward alive, neither Louisa nor Conor are far away from the shadow of death.


I loved the fact that “Midnight Obsession” can be read as a stand alone, yet it makes you want to read “Midnight Betrayal” and get to know Louisa and Conor. And this is by far Melinda’s best work. She did a brilliant job of weaving two plots with an outstanding conclusion and paying special attention developing the relationship between Louisa and Conor and bringing the family dynamics into the equation gave the story more depth and character. And throw in a touch of medieval history and rituals, giving the narration an added edge of primitiveness.

And as always, Melinda Leigh never lets on as to who might be the killer. Not until you reach the very last few pages and even then, she does an outstanding job on the final revelations, reiterating her writing and plotting authority.

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.