New Year's doodle card

Happy New Year 2017 doodle card with fireworks, stars, confetti and balloons. vector, eps 8., vector, eps 8.

New Beginnings, Fresh Starts

Reaffirmations, Promising Hearts

Same Are The Thoughts

Old As The Afterthoughts


Remember To Be Heartfelt

Feelings To Be Felt

Wishes And Promises Made

Desires Into Actions Cascade


With Books To Be Read

Fiction Heroes Gorgeous Drop Dead

Love Stories From Authors Breed

Excitement And Suspense Speed


New Slate Of Blankness

Pen In Hand With Frankness

New Adventures To Be Led

Love And Cheer To Spread


With Forgiveness And Compassion

Humble, Generous And Passion

Let’s Step Into A Year New

With Success And Achievements Anew



Copyrighted: Alima Kanumilli

December 31, 2016