Harper Crossing is brimming with love, new couples and a support structure of family, friends and caring – a sweet charming town filled with so much warmth that makes us dream of such communities and towns everyday. Love stories written by Melanie and Shawna with so much heart, and let’s not forget the heat of passion induced into their romances, giving the readers a healthy dose of romance, wit and fire to soothe a reader’s cravings!


One night of no sex all talk is what keeps Dax Archer away from other women, no roving eyes and no one night stands. That one night of soulful conversation with the stunning and beautiful Valentine Virginia is all it takes for Dax to breath and live for those memories. “All He Feels” is her absence, her laughter and her absence even as he misses her very presence.

Virginia ‘Ginny’ Valentine couldn’t forget that one night with Dax Archer anymore than he can. Leaving a brutal singing career behind, she comes to Harper Crossing to find some answers to her past, her heritage and give her crush over Dax a chance to evolve into a forever after. A nice twist with her past to make it interesting, add in the past characters as they make their presence felt, and throw in Dax’s mother and sister into the equation,  is an emotional and laughing riot of an intoxicating romance.

With immense talent, the sister duo weave together another sweet romance with seamless effort. I love these two, with their mastery of blending characters, plots and narration into one heartfelt and heated love story. It is almost impossible to say where Melanie starts and Shawna ends or vice versa.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.