Violet Duke’s latest “Unfinished Loved Series”, is about four brothers who find love but lose only to get another chance down the years to reclaim it. It’s fresh, it’s new and it makes it even more emotional and romantic to wait for that HEA…few years from now in book time.

Second in the Unfinished Series, “Before That Promise” (Part 1) is the love story of Skylar Sullivan from the “Can’t Resist” series and Drew Lawson from the “Cactus Creek” series. Anyone following Violet’s series would remember these two when they were young and trying to fit into families and live a normal life.


Drew and Skylar are the best of friends growing up and best of friends grown up. Careers and life may have taken these two on different paths, but their path to love has always been one track and only towards each other. Super smart, handsome and intelligent Drew Lawson is the quite, silent and an angry teenager having grown into a responsible and sought after young cyber hacker consulting and providing high tech protection to some very high profile individuals and company. Christmas doesn’t sit very well with him and relationships and roots may not be in his cyber list!

Skylar Sullivan is one vivacious, spunky and smart young lady working towards becoming a social worker. Her chemistry with Drew is amazing, her crush on Drew even as a young teenager is ultra charming, and with the Spencer brothers as her guardians, it’s even funny that they never realized her love for their foster brother.

The second book in the series, “Before That Promise” (Part 1) is another short and charming love story as Drew and Skylar try to come to terms with their love for each other and make themselves a promise to be there for each other and a promise to fulfill their love for each other. Can’t wait to read the second part of their love story in “Every Promise Unspoken”…. coming soon.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.