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Tough on the outside, with a heart as big as Wyoming. Protective to the core, with justice and fairness running in blood. And when the tough have to wage a battle with love, heart and soul takes to the knees.

Meet the oldest of the Wilde brothers, Hunt Wilde. A lawman to the core and serving justice with fairness, his heart beats for Cyn Wilson, as wild as Wyoming. 

Vibrant as the colof of her hair, salon owner Cyn Wilson lives life to the fullest, with a heart of gold and ever helpful to her townspeople, and her heart skips a beat every time Hunt crosses her path.

When Cyn’s sister and her niece disappear, Cyn turns to Hunt for help. A traumatic situation that brings Cyn and Hunt together working alongside, as they explore the attraction between them. A trauma that cements their relationship as well as the love and trust they have with each other. 

As always, Jennifer Ryan with her exceptional writing and narrative skills, threads a story of love and family, no holds barred. I loved the parallel story line with Cyn’s sister that actually develops the relationship between Cyn and Hunt, cementing their intimacy and commitment to each other. Supporting family characters, the humorous innuendos and witty conversations, add charm and chemistry to the story.

Disclaimer: The story revolves around domestic abuse which may be a trigger.

Received an ARC from Avon And Harper Voyager via NetGalley

Imperfections are what make us humans. No matter how far wrong we have gone, we can always turn around. Takes lot of courage, non-judgemental support and unconditional love to follow this path, and finding forgiveness from the places we hurt is the ultimate in redemption. 

Meet Chase Wilde. A warrior at heart, but fighting demons of the unthinkable. With stilted family dynamics, and trying to make a fresh start, he’s at the crossroads of his life. His saving grace is his adorable daughter and the mother of his child, Shelby Payne

Hardworking and a loving mother and with her heart belonging to Chase Wilde since she was a teenager, Shelby Payne is the ultimate crusader for Chase, supporting his struggles, and helping him chase his demons. With a troubled past of her own, yet with courage, she creates an intelligent and remarkable opportunity for Chase to come home – to a home, a family, and a chance to make a life of his own.

Both Shelby and Chase may be in love with each other, but they have shadows of evil dogging their backs and they need to put them to rest before they can become a family. Then and only then “Chase Wilde Comes Home”, truly and forever.

Jennifer Ryan always had an exceptional writing and narrative skill and no review will do justice to any of her books unless read in person. Her narrative always makes me emotional, be it a situation between a father and son, siblings or between lovers. They are poignant, realistic and so very true to the circumstances in the plot.  

She has set precedence to another intense series as the Wyoming Wildes take the readers on an exhilarating ride!!!

Chase Wilde Comes Home on March 29, 2022

Received an ARC from Avon And Harper Voyager via NetGalley

Although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now on and make a brand new ending ~~ Carl Bard ~~

I still remember the first book of Jennifer Ryan’s that I read and was ecstatic to find a her and I totally would be lost if I don’t get to read her books to feed my reading addiction; be it her new releases or just the countless times I have fallen back to read her previous works.  

Meet Sarah Anderson – a woman who lost herself in the struggles of life, yet found her very self as a successful and enterprising business woman, a mother who adored her two boys, an employer who has the best interests of her employees at the core of her organization treating them as family, and a genuine and honest friend to the very few people she has in her life. With not one single bad bone in her body, empathy and compassion running in her blood, sensitive and generous to the depth of her soul, she may be a fictional character sketched by Jennifer Ryan, but they do exist, and I can truly relate to this very character and personality.

And her soulmate in the making, nothing but the best in Luke Thompson – a successful attorney and a cowboy, caught between the family dynamics of Sarah and her dead husband’s family, his heart and mind at a war even as he falls for her but questioning her actions, he’s got some decisions to make. Spending time with Sarah and her boys, and as her family secrets come to light, making decisions that would effect his future has never been difficult.

“Lost And Found Family” is a wholesome story of a woman choosing a life that is important to her, empowering herself by working hard on the right things leads to a successful career, losing a past that was hurtful and finding a present that only would lead to a future that she always had wanted. Take this journey with Sarah Anderson and Luke Thompson as they finally become a family that they’ve always dreamed of, a brand new ending.

Jennifer Ryan always had an exceptional writing and narrative skill and no review will do justice to her books unless read in person Writing a book is never, ever easy and she has not one wasted word in this amazing story. She’s taken life as is and has placed in a book that breathes this very life as the story unfolds. A true reader’s pleasure!

Received an ARC from William Morrow And Custom House via NetGalley

Jennifer Ryan has always been and always be one of my favorite writers; not only have I read every single one of her books, but they hold a special place in personal library. 

And it is no surprise that her latest “The Me I Used To Be”, is just as brilliant (and in my personal library), and yet it surprises you at so many levels. The first few pages of Evangeline Austen’s life is a tear jerker, yet you can feel the strength and faith in her thoughts, courage and determination in her actions. 


Chris Chambers has a goal –  to do right by Evangeline. As Evangeline’s capturer and then her releaser, he’s yet to redeem himself in is own eyes. Nothing short of loving Evangeline with his heart and soul, and bringing down the person behind her prison stay, would give Chris peace of mind and a life with Evangeline.

“The Me I Used To Be” is a brilliant narration of a young women’s fight to find a way to “the way she used to be” and make a place for herself in the judgmental society. A great read of family dynamics and the consequences of a single act that throws the entire family into a roller coaster ride of pain, betrayal and death. An exceptional story of love and hope, as faith leads to friendship and support in the most unlikely of places. 

Jennifer Ryan always had an exceptional writing and narrating talent of portraying emotions of her characters unsurpassed as well as give equal importance to supporting characters as she weaves them into the main storyline with great mastery. Her stories of women overcoming adverse situations with strength and courage are always a reading pleasure. And when, I as an avid reader cry reading a book, that is the ultimate mastery of writing!

The story was worth the wait!!! I was ecstatic when I heard that Trigger was going to get his own story and “Escape To You” is just as brilliant story as the relationship between the DEA Agent Beck “Trigger” Cooke and the renowned actress Ashley Swan.

Kidnapped and tortured by a supposed friend, Ashley Swan escapes the clutches of her tormentor along with his abused son Adam, as a beacon of a light takes her to the boundaries of Trigger’s ranch. Recuperating from injuries of an undercover op gone wrong, saving Ashley and protecting Adam becomes his first priority compromising his identity to the cartel and jeopardizing his job as a DEA agent.


“Escape To You” is one heck of a story of a courageous woman finding the strength to escape her captor and moving forward with the help and support of good people. It is the story of a kind and big hearted Ashley Swan, as she rights the wrongs done be her captor and giving some powerful people a second chance at life. And it is the story of a wonderful and brilliant actress who wants to give a little boy the happy life he deserves and a father the chance to right some wrongs.

Escape To You” is also the story of a DEA Agent surviving the evil and cruelty of undercover operations, of a man wanting to make the world a better place to live and of a brave man to expose himself to the various cartel to stand beside the woman he loves and the little boy he wants to be a father to.

What fascinates me about Jennifer Ryan is her immense ability to create a heroine so different from each other in every one of stories. With courage, loyalty and strength, being the common foundation, every one of her heroines has a story so filled with pain, betrayal and hurt that reading each one of them makes us question the evil that exists in this world yet gives us hope that there is good to counter this evil attack and faith that honor exists.

For the uninitiated, the Montana Heat Series follows the Montana Men Series and every book can be read as a standalone. I have to repeat this in my review – “Call me biased, but in my opinion Jennifer Ryan writes one of the most brilliant and romantic suspense stories that I’ve ever read. “The Hunted Series” always is going to be my chicken soup for the soul, having lost count of the number of times I’ve read that series.”

You don’t want to miss this Montana Man getting burned by Montana Heat!


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