Tough on the outside, with a heart as big as Wyoming. Protective to the core, with justice and fairness running in blood. And when the tough have to wage a battle with love, heart and soul takes to the knees.

Meet the oldest of the Wilde brothers, Hunt Wilde. A lawman to the core and serving justice with fairness, his heart beats for Cyn Wilson, as wild as Wyoming. 

Vibrant as the colof of her hair, salon owner Cyn Wilson lives life to the fullest, with a heart of gold and ever helpful to her townspeople, and her heart skips a beat every time Hunt crosses her path.

When Cyn’s sister and her niece disappear, Cyn turns to Hunt for help. A traumatic situation that brings Cyn and Hunt together working alongside, as they explore the attraction between them. A trauma that cements their relationship as well as the love and trust they have with each other. 

As always, Jennifer Ryan with her exceptional writing and narrative skills, threads a story of love and family, no holds barred. I loved the parallel story line with Cyn’s sister that actually develops the relationship between Cyn and Hunt, cementing their intimacy and commitment to each other. Supporting family characters, the humorous innuendos and witty conversations, add charm and chemistry to the story.

Disclaimer: The story revolves around domestic abuse which may be a trigger.

Received an ARC from Avon And Harper Voyager via NetGalley