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From the publication of her very first book “When You Are Ready” to now, Jennifer L. Berg has become an illustrious writer with her eloquent narration, keeps every character in her heart and writes with her soul.

A new series, “By The Bay”, with the latest title, “The Choices I Have Made”, she gives the readers another thought provoking and insightful story of two young teenage lovers, Jake Jameson and Molly McIntire, torn apart by circumstances and the choices made.

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Now twelve years later, Jake Jameson is back in his hometown, as a doctor and to fulfill his father’s last wishes and rites. Twelve years away did not dim his love for Molly nor did it ease the pain or memories of their past. And coming face to face with her, makes him question the choices he had made and the distance they had created.

Never leaving her little bay town, and now running her family’s B&B, Molly McIntire buried the bittersweet memories of Jake deep inside and is ready to move on with her life. But then the past comes knocking on her door for a place to stay, a friend to talk with and all the anger and fears bubble over, making Molly question the choices she had made twelve years ago.

“The Choices I Have Made” is a stunning story of two beautiful people, the choices that have separated them, fate that brings them together and destiny wants to give them a second chance to build a future together. Jennifer Berg as always dead-on with penning the emotions, fears and insecurities of two people in love, of the circumstances that separated them, and the reconciliation of their anger and residual resentment, that gives them a second chance for a life together.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

Here is another author I enjoy reading her books – Jeannie Moon!

Another writer/author with immense talent and creativity, penning charming romances that go straight to the hearts of the readers, her latest release, “Then Came You” is no less deserving of the readers’ praise.


Moving to the tiny town of Compass Cove, Mia DeAngelis hopes to give her nephew Ben a new lease of life, nourishing his passion for sports and a life far away from the judgmental people of the big city. Working at the college library and living with her grandmother, gives Mia a sense of control and a bond with her grandmother to treasure and a sense of belonging in the tiny close-knit community.

Ben’s passion for sports brings her in close proximity to the college football coach Adam Miller. An injury forced Adam to retire from NFL, and relocate to Compass Cove, to recuperate and start fresh as a coach for the local college. Neither he nor Mia ever had love on their agenda, but Adam wants to explore the attraction that flares between them, and his love for the game and her nephew tempts him for a life that he never dreamed of having.

I loved the way Jeannie Moon developed the relationship between Adam and Mia. With so many insecurities and fears dogging their feet, they still find the courage to explore the possibility of a future, the trust that evolved between them was so well penned with various situations and so is the progression of the their love.

“Then Came You” book one in the Compass Cove series, dis an incredibly beautiful romance to read and enjoy.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

Happily Inc.! What a charming and unusual name for a town of warm citizens, with hearts of gold and happily-ever-afters. Susan Mallery has a penchant for creating wonderful romances in tiny little towns, magical and enchanting.


It has been a while for me reading Susan Mallery, and it always delights me when I read her romances. And her latest, “Second Chance Girl” is no surprise as Mathias Mitchell, the resident artist and infamous playboy makes home, right next to his attractive and so called friend and gamekeeper, Carol Lund.

It’s hard to review a book that deserves to be read to enjoy its full beauty and the romance between Mathias and Carol. Their relationship is one made of the perfect blend of friendship, lust, arguments and indulgence. The supporting characters of friends and siblings, the duke and the button lady, the cute nightmare of a dog Sophie, and the intense and rib tickling dialogues that bring out the flavor and spice of “Second Chance Girl” is a pure delight of a read.

Received an ARC from Harlequin (HQN) via NetGalley for an honest review.

Her Last Goodbye -May Never Come

Melinda Leigh’s “Morgan Dane” series became a roaring success with Morgan and Lance forming a great team as they fight for justice and their personal relationship seems to be simmering on the edge as they test those grounds.


Book two of the series; “Her Last Goodbye” takes Morgan and Lance on the hunt for the perpetrator who kidnapped a young mother. With a secondary plot intertwined into the main storyline, Lance and Morgan have to use whatever resources they have to unravel the person and mystery behind the kidnapping.

What you see may not always be what you get, and behind an innocent life may very well be an evil lurking, misleading and deceptive. And this is exactly what Lance and Morgan need to decipher to make sure this wouldn’t be “Her Last Goodbye”. Amidst the danger is the sublime romance between Morgan and Lance, taking another step forward in their relationship.

With a twisted plot, Melinda Leigh gives the readers a captivating second read in “Her Last Goodbye” as Morgan Dane settles in with her new life, her kids and family, danger and romance all rolled into one big package of suspense, love, family and support.

A fabulous read!

Received an ARC from Montlake via NetGalley for an honest review.

Every time I hear a book of Cynthia Eden’s is coming out, a chill races my spine, goose bumps pay a visit and the anticipation of waiting, reading and enjoying her fast paced romantic suspense is an adrenaline rush of pure orgasmic pleasure.


Her latest and greatest series, “Lazarus Rising” will leave you wanting for more of the brilliant plot evolving around the super soldiers. First in the series, “Never Let Go” will defy the very adage of ‘till death do us apart’, as the brilliant and amazing Dr. Elizabeth Parker works on a formula that beats death, but at a loss of the only man she loves, Sawyer Cage.

Sawyer Cage was resurrected from the dead, becoming a super enhanced soldier. Betrayed by the people he works for and a life he doesn’t remember, Elizabeth Parker ignites feelings of hope of a life that was and can be now. Escaping the confines of the Lazarus compound, Sawyer and his friend Flynn will lay down their indestructible lives to protect the ones they love.

An impressive start to a new series, Cynthia Eden does not leave a chance to be disappointed with her latest release. It only builds the anticipation of what the future is going to be for these super soldiers, as they battle the dark forces. There are secrets galore, suspense and romance add a radiant intensity, and Sawyer and Elizabeth bring the fireworks with their glorious chemistry and a promise to “Never Let Go” of each other.

There’s so much I want to rave about this book, but reading is so much more satisfying and a definite must read!!!

Received an ARC from the author and Hocus Pocus Publishing via Netgalley for an honest review.

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