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The very first few pages of “New Your Actually” give an insight into the writing prowess of Sarah Morgan. It is pure genius and truly orgasmic, setting the tone for New York’s most famous advice columnist Molly and the crusader of the underdogs, hiding behind a façade of cynical lawyer Daniel and their love story in the Big Apple.


Hiding away from the public after a nasty past, Molly is content with doling advise in cyber space, but how can she resist Daniel and his rented dog Brutus aka Ruffles!!! Well dogs meet, become friends forever, and now Daniel has to convince Molly that he is the person to love her forever and falling in love is nothing to run away from.

The entire story line is a kaleidoscope of wit, emotions, care, and love of two people accepting that love is for real, accepting the fact that new friends can be made and those very friends will stay by you through hurt, accepting the fact there a really good people in this world with genuine care and affection, and that mantle doesn’t entirely belong to only your loyal canine.

Sarah Morgan’s “From Manhattan With Love” series is utterly charming, whimsical and enchanting as the magic of New York spreads to the extended family. I thought “Miracle On 5th Avenue” was my favorite of the series so far, but “New York Actually” steals my heart…. for now. Now let’s see how Fliss and Seth fare their separation, reunion and more.

Received an ARC from Harlequin via NetGalley for an honest review.

Size matters!!! There’s no doubt about it. It all comes down to acceptance with confidence and personality. And being “On The Plus Side” can also have some sexy and wonderful men longing for those lush curves, voluptuous body and more importantly the heart of the woman.


Valerie Carmichael has been tempting Logan Mathis since forever, but when the guy of her hottest fantasies happens to be the best friend of her over protective brother doesn’t bode well for her plan of seduction. But when love is on the line, everything is fair game. And getting the job, as a bartender in Logan’s bar is the perfect setup, right under his nose and in his face all the time

All Logan Mathis wants is to make the bar a success and help his mother not lose her home. He desperately needs to make it work and the she-devil of Valerie is his best option as her bartending talents seem to draw the crowds to his bar, and gives him sleepless nights as he desperately tries to stay away from her.

And so begins the dance of love. Highly intoxicating. Highly erotic. Valerie is one amazing lady of skills, humor and love. Logan never stood a chance resisting her, even when it seems that their newfound love goes through a rough patch.

“On The Plus Side” is my second read of Alison Bliss and she totally made my list of to-read-again writers. Wonderfully narrated, good development of characters and a charming storyline to keep the readers entertained and captivated, “The Perfect Fit” series is a definite rocker!

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.

Kendra Eliot’s new “Mercy Kilptrick” series started off with “A Merciful Death” as Mercy Kilpatrick returns to her little rural town of Eagle’s Nest, Oregon, where secrets are buried deep, and the residents are perpetual preppers, waiting for a disaster to strike…. living off the grid and off of the land.


As FBI Agent Mercy Kilptrick tries to settle into the town, bonds with the Police Chief Truman Daly, and tries to mend fences with her family, a series of fires and killing of law officials rocks the little town and Truman and Mercy get right into the middle of it. And when the threat comes close to home and with rumors of anti-government militia residing in Eagle’s Nest, all bets are off and Mercy and Truman will unearth every single hidden secret to bring the killer to justice.

“A Merciful Truth” is another brilliant fiction as Kendra concentrates on developing the growing relationship between Truman and Mercy, as the townsfolk get used to Mercy’s presence in the town, but never deviating from the plot of the story. With suspense gracing each page, with loyalty and courage tested as the killer accelerates, I never even imagined or anticipated the twisted truth that comes at the end!

With great attention to the dynamics of the Kilpatrick family, Kendra Elliot weaves another intense story of family loyalties, loss and pain, hope and faith and the nuances of a small rural town’s lifestyle and a great insight into the mentality of preppers and survivalists. And I’ve always loved her prowess of developing a personal relationship, layer by layer, book by book…my favorite attribute of her.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Net Galley for an honest review.


……And Brooke Mathews knows with every beat of her heart, it’s a breathtaking transformation and she is in love with this scientist turned lover!

So sets the tone for Samantha Chase’s latest intro to the fifth Shaughnessy brother Owen Shaughnessy. Acclaimed and accredited scientist Owen always was the quiet Shaughnessy sibling, brilliant in his field yet ignorant of the gossip of the world, comfortable within his family domain, yet shy in the social glares, but all it takes is one nymphet Brooke Mathews to throw all his science out the window as his heart loses control.

A scientist versus an artist, absolution versus imagination, analytical versus creativity, poles apart yet perfect for each other, Owen and Brooke make the most beautiful and favorite couples of the Shaughnessys.

A Sky Full of Stars hi-res

I remember chatting with a friend a few weeks ago before reading “A Sky Full Of Stars” and telling her that this story would be Samantha Chase’s shining star of the series and she doesn’t disappoint at all. From creating Owen and Brooke, to being so very eloquent of the feelings of a shy person, to detailing the dynamics of the Shaughnessy family, she has done a brilliant job with this story.

The entire conversation between Owen and his twin Riley is the highlight of the book for me –

“You are a rock star, bro. No different than me-just in a different field.”

“Or don’t you remember what Mom used to call us? “Superman and Clark Kent”

“We are the same, Owen. You are just my mild-mannered alter-ego.”

And if this doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, the heart-to-heart conversation between Owen and his father Ian Shaughnessy is just pure genius. Do not miss reading one single word of these two conversations – so very emotional, caring, supportive and wish for a family as close knit and dynamic as the Shaughnessys.

“A Sky Full Of Stars” deserves so many more stars than what the night sky would hold and Samantha Chase definitely is shining as bright as the Sirius with this story!

Received an ARC from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review.



The war between the Dragon Kings and the Dark Fae continues in the Dark Kings saga as the Dragon Kings try to put an end to the war and bring peace with the mortals. And as each Dragon King falls victim to the game of love, they have more to lose now than ever.


As the plot thickens and the secret of the Dragon Kings existence is blown open, Dragon King Anson is tasked with infiltrating the company that has been leaking their secrets and trying to convince one of the top personnel, Devon Abrams to cooperate has been a hardship on his heart.

As Devon and Anson give into their desire, getting kidnapped was not in their plan of action. As they battle the evils with their allies, slivers of secrets seem to burst open in this constant battle of revenge…. secrets that may lead to devastation. Yet in the midst of this mayhem, the “Blaze” of love is a welcome respite as the Dragon Kings mate with their forever.

I love the way Donna Grant has been leading this story, giving the Dragon Kings some love, yet keeping the crux of the plot very open with glimpses of what the future might be, slivers of secrets among the powers of the universe, a see-saw of emotions as foes are separated from allies, and courage and fears are put to the test.

“Blaze” has opened up some secrets and the plot thickens with suspense and anticipation as to what the next book would reveal.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.

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