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The final book in the “Blood Brothers” series, “Twisted Truths” brings and end to the deadly and twisted mind of a psychopath doctor hell-bent on creating super soldiers and the beginning of a new life for Denver Jones and the start of a new era for his Blood Brothers, a future as normal as can be with family.


In desperate need of Denver’s help to find her kidnapped niece, Noni puts an almost BOLO on the internet trying to reach Denver, an act that literally puts her and Denver in the crosshairs of the evil doctor who wants Denver back at any cost. With Noni getting into his dangerous life on the run, Denver has no choice but protect her at any cost, and also bring her niece Talia safe and sound.

With bullets flying, guns blazing, and the “Twisted Truths” of his creation and parentage dogging them, Denver and Noni fight for their life as well as for the families they care about. Even as they dodge the explosions and the bullets, the adrenaline of attraction and lust never seems to be far for Noni and Denver.

Rebecca Zanetti gives a fitting end to the Blood Brother Series, as she brings the Sin Brothers into the fold supporting Denver, Heath and Logan and the ever supporting cop, risking their lives to protect justice and the innocent. It’s a fascinating read of power and control, the many facets of high-level intelligence and the dreams of an evil woman wanting the ultimate power. A very fast faced and action packed story, Rebecca Zanetti is a superior creator of some amazing stories!

Received an ARC from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via NetGalley for an honest review.

Melanie Harper and Josiah Stone christened “Christmas In Silver Bell Falls” and now a couple of years of dating and we return to Silver Bell Falls for their wedding.


As different as two ends of the spectrum and polar opposite of each other, Melanie and Josiah have overcome their vast differences and end up falling in love. Now with Christmas upon on them, and Josiah wanting to tie the nuptials during the Christmas festivities, he’s got a heck of a job convincing Melanie of the same. With Christmas hang-ups still very raw, Melanie loves Josiah and wants to get married, but will take a lot of courage and understanding to overcome her fears and follow her heart.

A wonderful read perfect for the holiday season. A simple love story as two people learn to give each other the trust and the foundation of a future. A simple narrative of a story, Josiah and Melanie take a place in my heart as they overcome pain and insecurities. Samantha Chase creates some wonderful supporting secondary characters and she does what she’s good at – weaving a winter wonderland of romance.

Received an ARC from Chasing Romance, Inc. for an honest review.

Who can forget the wonderful Whiskey River Series by Eve Gaddy? And any continuation of the series is an added bonus, and a perfect read of another love story in the romantic town of Whiskey River.


Fourteen years is a long time for two lovers to be apart, tread through different paths of life and come back full circle to where it had all began. Circumstances, blackmail and social boundaries separate teenage lovers Harlan Sullivan and Savannah Taylor. And now destiny brings them back to their hometown of Whiskey River, with Harlan buying out the construction company that Savannah happens to be the office manager.

Old feelings haven’t died, the spark of lust and attraction is very much present, and with the feeling of belonging with each other even stronger than before, and add in the magical season of Christmas, and “A Texas Christmas Reunion” is a warm and emotional read. Eve Gaddy did a wonderful job penning a beautiful story of love and support, relationships and friendships, the good and the bad of life, and add in a dash of the previous couples in attendance, and we have a story to read by the fireplace.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

A new series, “Heart Of Texas” from Donna Grant brings us another enticing series of hardworking cowboys, their destined stories of love, redemption and a future of togetherness.


“The Christmas Cowboy Hero”, the prodigal son of Texas and ex-navy Seal, Clayton East returns home to take care of his family’s failing ranch, deal with is father’s illness and give his mother much needed hope of keeping the family business on solid ground and emotional and financial support to his parents. The thought of dealing with theft, a wayward brother of the enticing Abby Harper, and the attraction that flares on sight was not something he had signed up for.

Abby Harper has a hard life since a teenager, the sole guardian of her siblings and working hard to keep food and roof over their heads. Her brother getting into trouble with Clayton she had wished was avoided and the interest that Clayton sparks, she really could do without, not on her agenda and not part of plan.

But fate and destiny don’t listen to anyone, and with Clayton giving her brother a chance to make up for his theft, Abby finds herself spending more time with Clayton on the ranch, and the perfect opportunity to know each other and fall in love.

And so we get another sweet Texas romance from Donna Grant, be it a paranormal or contemporary romance, we can never be disappointed with her stories. With a perfect blend of emotions and romance, chemistry and an interesting plot, “The Christmas Cowboy Hero” is a perfect reading pleasure for the holidays.

Received an ARC from St. Martin’s Press via NetGalley for an honest review.

Continuing with the Rogue Justice novellas, Kendra Elliot brings closer to the unsolved and “Twisted Truth” (Melinda Leigh) in the final book “Truth Be Told”. Stevie and Zane are brought into the crosshairs of the case when the little boy and his uncle disappear and two FBI agents are killed.


“Truth Be Told” is the ending and the final book of the Rogue Series co-written by Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh. It is always a treat to read more of the couples that have caught our attention in this gripping and intriguing blend of Rogue stories. Along with keeping the justice upright, getting to see the progression of Stevie and Zane’s relationship as a couple is always worth the reading.

The Rogue Series is a great start for any reading buffs wanting to test new authors. Two authors who have honed their writing skills to amazing heights of intriguing plots, twisted villains and courageous characters.

Received an ARC from Montlake Romance via Net Galley for an honest review.

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