Give And Take Is What Life Is All About

Giving Thanks To The Simple Work Out

Nothing For Granted Can Be Taken

The Rising Sun And The Fighting Nation


Receive Without Forgetting

Haven Safe And Treasuring

Heaven And The Moon Whispering

The Wind And The Birds Singing


Give Without Remembering

Kind Words And Motivating

Humble Actions And Accepting

Unconditional And Protecting


Roasted, Toasted And Ghosted

Not All May Be Together Threaded

Bad Life Is Someone’s Fairy Tale

Together Will Have It All


Much To Be Thankful For

Family And Friends To Adore

Across Shores And Miles

With Love, Gratitude And Smiles


Bring Out The Turkey And Knives

Laughter, Wine And The Pies

Loving, Gifting And New Beginning

Have A Blessed Thanksgiving!


A very special and heartfelt gratitude to all the amazing people who honor me with their gracious presence on this blog…..thank you!