A new author, a new series Sergeant Joey’s Boys, and the first in the series, “Always For You: Jack” is a decent read. Meet Jack McShane, ex-special forces operative and now running a construction business. Being a foster child has given him enough insight to the recognize when a kid is in trouble and his desire to fulfill his foster father’s dream only motivates him to help Ricky.

And then we have Caitlyn Curtis, Ricky’s tutor who becomes Jack’s love interest and more. Kind and passionate, understanding and supportive Caitlyn is a perfect partner for Jack.


The story was good, the characters well developed, the premise a real life issue and the plot interesting but what really did not work for me was what exactly was Alexis Morgan‘s genre here. It wasn’t really a romance because the story was more about Ricky, Jack and foster care. There were pages of dialogues and interaction between Jack and Caitlyn that really did not generate any chemistry. And for a while Ricky was relegated to the background and his story did not seem to progress. I think the bridge between Ricky, Jack and Caitlyn was not developed well and felt the story dragging a bit.

All in all, the book can be read once. There are interesting parts that will hold attention and I think the main highlight is Jack and Ricky.

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.