Lindsay McKenna is one of the best military romance writers that I’ve come across and some of her books are immensely memorable and have revisited numerous times. Along with badass soldiers, she also writes some great badass cowboy stories.

Book 2 in the Wind River Valley series, “Wind River Rancher” is so much more emotional, heartfelt and there’s that sublime romance that added so much depth to the story. Discharged from the army due to PTSD, once a commanding officer, Reece Lockhart is on the streets, with no home or food. Arriving at Jackson Hole and hoping to find a job may very well be his last attempt to survive and Shaylene is his final hope.


Army veteran Shaylene Crawford is no stranger to the trauma of the war and her Bar C ranch is her final salvation and her dream to make it a place where vets can slowly heal and make a life for themselves. Keeping her own personal issues at bay, she is literally an anger trying to keep the faith and give hope to the ones who have been disowned by the very country they had laid their lives for.

This was one emotional story of despair and trauma, support, compassion and empathy that gives these brave vets hope and faith that all is not lost in their fight to survive after war. This story is a testimony to the fact that there are people out there who care about others and who are willing to give unconditionally.

I loved this story more than her first one in the series. Lindsay McKenna gave more depth to Reese and Shay, developed their relationship with great insight as they battle through fears and insecurities, the care and support of the people around that gave strength to the entire premise of the story and the kindness and generosity that does exist to give back to the brave men and women.

Lindsay McKenna did a brilliant job weaving a love story around Reese and Shay as they look out for each other, rely on each other and finally find love that binds them with a common goal and solidarity.

“Wind River Rancher” will definitely hit right at the center of the heart.

Received an ARC from Kensington Books/Zebra via Net Galley for an honest review.