If I thought “Lyric And Lingerie” was a laughing riot, “Harmony And High Heels” kicks it up notch as Lyric’s twin sister Harmony Wright turns every normal act into a humorous mess of consequences, annoys and frustrates the once bad boy Dalton Mane, and talk about opposites being attracted, and these two are made for each other.

The good girl personal is left far behind when Harmony visits her twin, and her bad girl persona, bikes and boots, bars and fights seem to attract her to no end giving the tabloids plenty of gossip and a tinge of intrigue whether there is one or two Wright sisters.


Dalton had no idea the hurricane that hits him when he comes face to face with Harmony is going to create wonderful chaos to his tidy and organized life. Once the leader of a bike gang and now the respectable manager of the Forth Worth Wranglers, getting involved with Harmony is just going to erase the harmony of his life.

Co-written by Tracy Wolff and Katie Graykowski, the second book in the Ft. Worth Wranglers Series is just one of the best romantic comedies I’ve read in a long time. This is one of those rare books that has the right amount of humor, down to earth characters, the precarious situations that can happen to anyone and mostly the dynamics of a family, and the strong bond between Harmony and Lyric even as they are as different as night and day.

And I loved Tracy and Katie for keeping the story so very strong in narration, the bond between Heath, Lyric and Harmony is family perfect, the witty banter and the chemistry between Harmony and Dalton is just ultra charming, adorable and totally sexy. And they are just perfect! And the unforgettable Tre is just the icing on the cake!!!!

“Harmony And High Heels” gets more than five stars from me and it’s a reader’s pleasure.

Received an ARC from the authors for an honest review and as part of the blog tour.