Marquita Valentine writes some really nice romances and her books honestly have never disappointed me. She’s one of the few writers in my repeat list with good plots, narration that has kept me captivated and interested.


Take The Fall is another of her charming series as she reunites hard-working firefighter Hayden Walker with his one unforgettable passionate encounter Saylor Dean in her new title “Hard To Fall”. A night of passion and a marriage that Hayden doesn’t remember and a truth that Saylor needs to bring to light considering Hayden’s political family and her secret of being an illegitimate daughter of a political rival.

Down to earth, quirky, and so very real characters make “Hard To Fall” a warm hearted read as Hayden tries to stay away from the pressures of getting into politics and keeping Saylor right next to him, a reality that he wants to make it permanent. And Saylor with her secret millions, a celebrity background and add in a touch of her nerdy self, you’ve got a sweet, emotional and heartwarming love story.

I liked the way Marquita Valentine gives detail to the supporting characters, the foundation of family relations, and the scope of support and care. Her depth of characterization of Hayden and Saylor as the young couple trying to make a life albeit the family obligations, gives strength and character.

I very well wrote romance that’s worth the read!

Received an ARC from Random House Publishing Group – Loveswept via NetGalley for an honest review.