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I’m really enjoying these short love stories of the “Bachelor Auction Series”, brought to readers by Tule Publishing and opening readers to a potpourri of enchanting authors. Centered around Marietta, Montana, the Bachelors Auction Series is a compilation of sexy billionaires and their happily-ever-after stories, warm and brimming with love and family support.


“Bound To The Bachelor” starts off the series as the citizens of Marietta are having a bachelor auction to raise funds for the young Josh, injured in an accident; an auction that has sexy and elusive billionaires up for grabs. Lily Taylor, organizing the auction for her best friend and son, manipulates Beau Bennett, the successful business owner into being part of the auction.

Lily and Beau try to stay away from each other, ignoring the sparks that flare between them, every time they are in close proximity. Lily’s past as a stripper to survive when she is a teenager doesn’t sit well with some of the residents, but leaving that life behind and working in Marietta gives her some confidence and she is content with her life now.

Having feelings for his sister’s best friend is not on Beau’s agenda, yet he agrees to be part of the auction. And like a true gentleman, when Lily wins him in the auction, he goes out of his way to give her the best date of her life. And that date leads to them giving into feelings for each other and test the boundaries of their attraction and lust.

When a dangerous person from Lily’s past rears his ugly head, Beau goes all the way out to protect his love and make sure she stays right beside him…. forever.

“Bound To The Bachelor” is a short and fun read, but there is no dearth of passion and love, pain and hurt, insecurities and uncertainties that make this a really good read. Spunky and witty, Lily keeps Beau on his toes and readers loving her for her warmth and friendship as well. All alpha and arrogant, Beau gives Lily sleepless nights of dreams for a future she may never have, and leaves us readers wanting a person like Beau in our life, protective, charming and caring.

“Bound To The Bachelor” is a fun and warm story from Sarah Mayberry and hoping to read her more of her. She’s done a find job of creating this charming and enticing love story and keeps you happy. A definite five starry read for me!

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

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Part 1


Loss, trauma and pain sometimes create the most beautiful of music and sometimes real life events and experiences give birth to some amazing stories of compassion, grit, will power along with the unconditional love and support of families and friends, as they stand behind their loved ones.

In the latest release of the Kelly Brothers Series, “A Seductive Melody”, Crista McHugh takes us on a journey with Ethan Kelly, the musician of the Kelly family. Ethan loses his best friend to drugs and his ability to make music, and as a last-ditch effort to save his life from the vice, goes into rehab. His journey of sobriety is not easy and he goes through pangs of pain and depravation. His only ally in this fight to stay alive is Rebecca Shores. Can he trust her with his second lease of life?

Rebecca Shores is a recovering addict, a far cry from the life of the socialite she had lived and was unsuccessful in pleasing her father. She works for a magazine waiting for that one chance to make a name for her. She ends up being Ethan’s sponsor. And right here she has the story of her career, to take her into the big leagues as she comes to know Ethan’s true identity. Can she betray Ethan’s trust?


Together they go through the turbulent times of substance depravation, anonymous meetings and temptations that may take them over the ledge of no recovery. With Becca’s unrelenting support and will power, Ethan manages to stay away from cravings and slowly starts writing music on his own. Becca on the other hand with Ethan’s support, goes through the pain of dealing with her father and their past. Crista did a brilliant job of writing Ethan and Becca.

I loved how Crista incorporated her experiences through her profession in real life and what drug addicts go through. It not only changes their lives, but also the lives of the ones around them. She also gives us a glimpse of how the people react to addicts and recovering addicts, whether it is family or strangers. She teaches us that, it takes courage, will power and compassion to overcome addiction, and it takes a whole lot than just going to a few meetings.

Another impressive and inspiring story from Crista McHugh, a definite read!

Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

I’ve always enjoyed reading the “Mine Series” by Cynthia Eden, and her new addition to the series, “Mine To Have” is no exception. With a lot of twists and surprising revelations, Cynthia does an amazing job of bringing the past into the current to a new future, all the while holding a tight grip on the storyline, and does not even falter for a second.

Saxon Black has been working undercover for years for the FBI, and it reaches a point where he forgets who the real Saxon Black is. His final assignment before he quits the world of undercover is to rescue a hostage and wash off his hands and walk away to a new life waiting for him.

Easier said than done! Saxon barges in to save Elizabeth Ward and ends up with feelings he’s forgotten he had. Elizabeth Ward has no idea there is a contract out on her head, and that she should have been dead along with her parents, a couple of years ago.


The danger and the adrenaline keep Saxon and Elizabeth in close proximity and they end up falling for each other and saving each other’s lives. One of the reason I love Cynthia Eden’s writings is that no matter how short or long her books, she always manages to create a good character sketch. She tends introduce them in the previous books and we get a glimpse of what’s coming ahead and already have a rough outline of their personalities. I, for one love that it adds more depth and individuality to her characters

Mine To Have is a rollercoaster ride of betrayal within the law enforcement; secrets buried deep and the true identity of Elizabeth Ward. It is a passionate ride of lust and love, possession and jealousy and evil and good. Mine To Have (and Mine Series) are stories of relationships built through hearts, friendships cemented with unconditional trust and protecting families and their own with every breath of their beings.

Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

I came across Kat Martin and her “Raines Series” quite by accident and a worthy accident it was. Besides the three Raines brothers, Jackson, Gabriel and Dev, the series also revolves around the whole group of private investigators and the women who give a good run for their love, egos and protectiveness. With stories of murder, love, loyalty and support, each one of them was a superlative ride of thrill and suspense.Image

The Raines Series transcends into the “Against Series” with the Brodies making their presence felt. Related to Ty Brodie from “Against The Mark”, I am looking forward to getting acquainted with Dylan, Nick and Rafe. Kat’s writing is an art of expression that keeps us on the edge of our seats. As much as the stories have the premise of suspense and thrill, each is as different as chalk and cheese. Not one story did I feel repetitious or had an urge skip.

Besides her Raines Series, I have a special fondness for her “Hunted Trilogy” Her “The Silent Rose” was one of my all time favorites. Even after knowing the suspense, I still enjoyed re-reading, more than twice. This book was a surprise read that had me completely captivated and mesmerized. With a surprise element of paranormal and the presence of a vengeful ghost, this book had me rooted to my couch until I read “The End”.  In fact this story was based on real life events and was well worthy a read.

ImageJonathan Stafford and Devon James are such likeable characters with their painful pasts, and they come together as they take care of each other through their insecurities and fears. Despite the bizarre events, the story had an edge of calm and serenity about it. Despite the presence of the paranormal element, the chemistry between Devon and Jonathan was so very well etched and their characters were written to perfection.

Kat Martin is a thrilling read all the way! Check out her website and she’s got a lot more books under her belt.


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