I am not sure what I expected of Finn (Blue Collar Billionaires #2) by M. Malone, or maybe I had no expectations, or maybe it’s the sexy and beautiful specimen of a cover ;), whatever the case maybe Finn is quite the surprise package. Not too lengthy, but enough to pack a ton of emotions, pain and love to keep it interesting.


Having come into millions that he never dreamed of, Finn Marshall is recuperating from serious war injuries and going through the pain of seeing his mother suffer from cancer. The war leaves too many scars and nightmares that had him finding solace in painkillers, and a past that haunts him with the betrayal of love that deserted him.

Marissa had made a few wrong choices in life like any normal person, yet she keeps a positive attitude and works hard to make her cleaning service company Maid-4-U successful. Getting a large contract to service a penthouse building is the silver lining her company needs to survive. But not knowing that her old flame Finn owns it and he’s hired her company for revenge is something that would blindside her.

Both have unresolved hurt between them that bites them in the back, even as they succumb to the lust and attraction that burns between them. Betrayal and trust are pricey and they have to believe in their love to put the past behind to even think of a future.

I really liked these two characters. Malone did a fabulous job with these two, as she created them with so many weaknesses, yet with courage to overcome pain and get help. Both with hearts of gold, and victims of circumstances, this story pulls you into their lives and their fight to keep their relationship working.

The storyline of these assorted brothers, with different mothers, as they try to come to grips with the reality of what their father had done, is very captivating. The sense of family and correcting the wrongs, as each brother try to reconcile with the existing circumstances, and finding their own happiness, is indeed intriguing.

A fine series by M. Malone…a definite winner!

Received an ARC from CrushStar Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.