I’m really enjoying these short love stories published by Tule Publishing and giving the readers an opportunity to read new writers and authors. Centered around Marietta, Montana, the stories are warm, fuzzy and brimming with love and family support.

The Bachelors Auction Series is a compilation of six sexy billionaires, put on auction for a good cause to help a single mother Molly and her injured son Josh, and it leads them to their happily-ever-after. Written by a potpourri of amazing writers and for the uninitiated, the list below should make it easy finding these billionaires of your reading pleasure!

Bachelor Auction Series

Book 1: Bound to the Bachelor

Book 2: Bachelor at her Bidding

Book 3: The Bachelor’s Baby

Book 4: What a Bachelor Needs

Book 5: In Bed with the Bachelor

Book 6: One Night with her Bachelor


Bachelor#4 Jett Casey is in his element on the dangerous snow slopes as he’s at home wielding power tools to build a home!!! Charming, easy going and ultra savvy, he’s a gentleman and a passionate lover. Patient to the core and coming from a wonderful family of unconditional love and support, he wants to make a home with Mardi Griffin and her little baby girl, having lost his heart and soul to them.

As a single mother, Mardi Griffin knows the hardships she will encounter, but nothing deters her from working hard and building a life with her baby girl. With wonderful supportive friends circling her, she ends up on winning edge of having the elite ski champ make some repairs to her run down home, as part of the auction win. As the house takes shapes, the walls around her heart crumble, and the Jett makes a home in her soul.

Witty and fun, charming and enticing, passionate and loving, “What The Bachelor Needs”  and Kelly Hunter gives the bachelor exactly what he’s needing, a happily-ever-after with Mardi and her baby girl and a captivating and romantic read to the readers.

Kelly Hunter does a super fine job of writing the parallel story of Jett Casey and Mardi Griffin, full of warmth, with family and friendship forming a circle of love. It was a pure reading joy!

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.