“Shaken Not Stirred”, the fifth book in the Last Call Series leaves me in a quivering mass of emotions. Call it been shaken or call it been stirred, whatever the case maybe, Sawyer Bennett weaves an intense story of lust, passion and love, with a healthy dose of hurt, pain and insecurities.

Casey Markham is a lady on the prowl for rich, selfish, arrogant snobs with no strings attached, easy to walk away and no motivation to get into a relationship. Deeply hurt from a previous relationship, great sex and one night stands seem to be her mantra until bad boy biker Tenn Jennings comes riding to fix her flat tire and teach her a lesson or two in love and trust.


Ex-Marine and biker boy Tenn Jennings comes into town to be close with his daughter Zoey and look into the possibility of making Outer Banks, NC his permanent home. A chance meeting with Casey stirs feelings and lust that had been buried for long, and her attitude towards men only fuels an intense desire to show Casey that the world still has a few good men left.

I personally think Casey and Tenn are one of the best character couples that Sawyer Bennett has created. Hardworking, misguided and ultra helpful, Casey draws you in with her sassy and honest demeanor. Despite her hang-ups, she is loyal and open hearted and a softie to the core. Tenn is an amazing sexy ultra alpha, with the confidence of having the world at his feet, choosing to stay away from billions to lead a simple life of a mechanic and raise his daughter on his own terms.

Bennett did a brilliant job with her narration, drawing out the fears and insecurities of a woman scorned. And a guy with his heart on his sleeve, laying all his cards on the table, and slowly bringing the woman he loves with his soul, to become confident and self-assured. I felt sad with Casey ‘s fears, cried for her loneliness, laughed with her, and was thrilled when Tenn goes past the stirring to literally shake Casey out of her self-made bubble of protection.

“Shaken Not Stirred” is a magnetic read of two vibrant individuals with intense emotions, extreme passion, strong family bonds and unconditional friendships.

Received an ARC from Big Dog Books via NetGalley for an honest review