Another first read on the list for me is Farrah Taylor’s “Dances With The Wolf” (Big Sky Love Series #2). Rodeo career’s got a very short life span and staying on top of the game is no easy task. Wolf Olsen is back on a break from the rodeo circuit, back to family and back to Abby Macready, the girl he left waiting for him to take her to prom.


Leaving veterinarian college behind, Abby Macready is back home with her parents making a name for herself as a horse whisperer, her love of animals running very deep into her soul. As much as she understands animals, her understanding of the opposite sex sure is a puzzle for her. But then again her heart had always belonged to Wolf Olsen.

Abby has several questions unanswered and Wolf has answers to them that he’s not ready to give. But as they are thrown together with family gatherings and working with injured animals, the attraction that had sparked years ago burst into fierce passion that both cannot deny. Now all they have to do is put the questions of the past to rest and see if they can make a future with each other.

“Dances With Wolf” has a good story line going, though at times it was a tad bit too long. As much as I liked Wolf and Abby, there were times I felt the story was not moving at all. I definitely did not find it boring, yet it was not holding my interest hundred percent. I felt that there was too much of a monologue than action.

Given the chance, yes I would definitely read Farrah Taylor again. Considering that she is pretty fresh, I sure hope she only becomes another great writer as she progresses in her writing experience.

Received an ARC from Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.