The Bachelor Auction in Marietta continues with the second book in the series, “Bachelor At Her Bidding” as Ryan Henderson, the Parisian chef and eligible bachelor goes up on stage to be auctioned for his culinary skills and giving the winner the most delectable and scrumptious dinner he ever laid on the table.


Rachel Cassidy moves back home to Marietta after a disastrous marriage and a painful divorce. Working as a family doctor, and trying to put her life back together, she ends up winning Ryan Henderson in the auction as a birthday gift, courtesy her sister and friends.

Ryan Henderson has a super busy life as a chef and taking care of his grandmother suffering from dementia. He does not have time for a relationship, yet when he meets Rachel to fulfill the auction win, he can’t control his attraction to the beautiful doctor. Rachel is still licking her wounds, and she is not ready to give her heart to the sexy chef. And both lose the fight against their feelings for each other and end up in a relationship.

But then the path of love is never easy and past pain and insecurities lead Ryan to a decision that takes Rachel away from his life. And by the time he realizes his stupidity, Rachel is hurt and keeps Ryan far away to keep put the pieces of her broken heart back together. And Ryan really needs to come with an outstanding and creative way to woo Rachel back into his life.

Another sweet and delicious story of the series, Kate Hardy is good with her narration and keeps the readers charmed and captivated. I loved Rachel, with her positivity and ability to be reasonable as the situation presents. Ryan is more emotional where family is concerned and has a hard time reconciling to things in life. Both characters make you fall in love with them and be frustrated with them.

Another short and mesmerizing story of love, friendship and support that leaves us with happiness and warm fuzziness.

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.