As a reader (and reviewer), a good book for me is the one that pulls at my heartstrings, makes me shed a few tears, makes my heart heavy with the pain of the protagonists, pulls my lips into smiles and laughter at their wit and gives me goose bumps as I become a part of their passionate love story to a future. And as reader it is very rare for me to get captivated by a new author on my list, yet Laura Trentham does the very same with her “Slow And Steady Rush” (Falcon Football Series).


Darcy Wilde takes a sabbatical as a librarian, and comes home to Falcon to take care of her injured grandmother Ada. Independent and confident, witty and sassy, lovable and warm, coming back to Falcon brings back memories of a past that she desperately wants to forget; a past that puts her wayward mother out of her site and the turmoil that motivated her to become the successful woman of the present…. and right into the path of the new coach Robbie Dalton.

Making Falcon as a safe haven was important to Coach Dalton as making sure the young students of his football team stay out of trouble. Bounced around in foster care and making a life out of an abused childhood is something that puts Robbie on the edge and skeptical of forming relationships. Being an ex-ranger has channeled his anger into protecting his country, but being an orphan and the thirst for being loved by someone seems to be unquenchable.

But Darcy Wilde puts wild thoughts into his brain, and crack opens that heart he’s been guarding with his life. And what starts off as a fling, Darcy ends up losing her heart to the bruised Coach. Both Darcy and Robbie have plenty of pain and hurt to get past before they can make a future.

Laura Trentham, slowly but very steadily pulls her readers into this brilliant story of family and love, passion and lust, support and friendship. She’s done a fine job of making Darcy and Robbie as two individuals so right for each other. Supporting cast is amazing and she leaves no stone unturned to makes us shed a tear or two for the unconditional love that runs in the family and for the family and childhood lost.

A definite five star read for me and am looking forward to Logan finding his own happily ever after.

Received an ARC from St. Martins Press via NetGalley for an honest review.