I’m really enjoying these short love stories of the “Bachelor Auction Series”, brought to readers by Tule Publishing and opening readers to a potpourri of enchanting authors. Centered around Marietta, Montana, the Bachelors Auction Series is a compilation of sexy billionaires and their happily-ever-after stories, warm and brimming with love and family support.


“Bound To The Bachelor” starts off the series as the citizens of Marietta are having a bachelor auction to raise funds for the young Josh, injured in an accident; an auction that has sexy and elusive billionaires up for grabs. Lily Taylor, organizing the auction for her best friend and son, manipulates Beau Bennett, the successful business owner into being part of the auction.

Lily and Beau try to stay away from each other, ignoring the sparks that flare between them, every time they are in close proximity. Lily’s past as a stripper to survive when she is a teenager doesn’t sit well with some of the residents, but leaving that life behind and working in Marietta gives her some confidence and she is content with her life now.

Having feelings for his sister’s best friend is not on Beau’s agenda, yet he agrees to be part of the auction. And like a true gentleman, when Lily wins him in the auction, he goes out of his way to give her the best date of her life. And that date leads to them giving into feelings for each other and test the boundaries of their attraction and lust.

When a dangerous person from Lily’s past rears his ugly head, Beau goes all the way out to protect his love and make sure she stays right beside him…. forever.

“Bound To The Bachelor” is a short and fun read, but there is no dearth of passion and love, pain and hurt, insecurities and uncertainties that make this a really good read. Spunky and witty, Lily keeps Beau on his toes and readers loving her for her warmth and friendship as well. All alpha and arrogant, Beau gives Lily sleepless nights of dreams for a future she may never have, and leaves us readers wanting a person like Beau in our life, protective, charming and caring.

“Bound To The Bachelor” is a fun and warm story from Sarah Mayberry and hoping to read her more of her. She’s done a find job of creating this charming and enticing love story and keeps you happy. A definite five starry read for me!

Received an ARC from Tule Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.