I don’t think I’ve read this many new authors as I am getting to now, since I started reading from the time I can remember. The last few months have been a revelation of some amazing authors and writers, some recommended and some through my own discovery. For a voracious reader like me, it’s like beyond heaven and a potent drug!!! And I add Lisa N. Paul to that list of new recommendations.

Having said that, let’s talk Lisa N. Paul and her upcoming book “Blocked”, Decker and April. Left alone and pregnant by her husband for another woman, April Maddox has been a single parent to her precious four-year old Elijah. With the pain of heartbreak and raising her son leaves April any inclination of dating. But a Christmas gift to a gym membership puts her in the path of Decker and her world changes forever.


Widowed and a father to six-year old daughter Charlie, Decker runs a successful construction company with his brother and is smitten by April when he sees her in the gym. A chance situation starts the dialogue between them, and Decker has no major hang-ups with his past that prevents him from pursuing April.

The sassy, witty and charming lady who teaches middle school meets her match in the hardworking, kind and lovable Decker. The story as a whole is very heartwarming and captivating as two wonderful people try to get over past pain and make a new life with a readymade family. Insecurities and doubt mar the journey and the path to second love and second chances is no bed of roses.

I really liked April and Decker and the entourage of secondary characters, with their own quirks and advice. Lisa did a great job with Decker and April as parents and lovers and as two people, relatable to perfectly imperfectly people we would come across in our daily life. Meddling mothers and supporting siblings and friends make this an enjoyable story.

As much as the story is charming, I definitely would have liked some of he dialogue to be more refined, considering the story revolves around responsible parents. I’m no prude, and neither do I refrain from using expletives, but for this particular story, nature and characters, I personally felt the expletives should have been put to a smooth use on the tongue rather than crude. Somehow it felt they were used more than necessary, and seemed forced to me at times, taking away the magic of the moment. The intensity of feelings, whether lust, anger, happy or just plain conversation between two individuals could have easily been portrayed in a refined way.

A good recommendation from a dear friend of mine, “Blocked” definitely is a must read as Lisa does a fine job of narrating a story with emotions and love that would pull at our heartstrings, and Lisa N. Paul will sure be on my repeat list.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.