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I came across Victoria James quite by accident and I ended up liking her books. Her “Still Harbor” series is one of my favorites I’ve read. Book three in the Shadow Creek, Montana Series, is another charming story of tragedy, regrets, forgiveness and a chance at love and a future with no guilt.


Doctor Luke Thompson is the epitome of pain and guilt as tries to get over the fact that he was responsible for a tragedy that brought pain to innocent people. He never thought that he could take a guilt free breath until he unknowingly falls for the woman who is facing the loss due to his actions.

Gwen Bailey is one of the most sweetest, helpful and kindest persons that you can come across. Always thinking of others and coming from a family filled with love and support, it is hard for her to accept the truth about the love of her life Luke.

A story filled with pain and loss, hope and forgiveness, love and care, it takes Luke and Gwen and whole lot of time to overcome the guilt and pain. Another emotional love story by Victoria James, well written and narrated, “The Doctor’s Redemption” is filled with warmth and love.

Received a copy from Entangled Publishing LLC/Bliss via NetGalley for an honest review.

I’ve been waiting a while to read Hawk’s and Dawn’s very own happy ending and Rebecca Zanetti doesn’t disappoint at all. Of all the books in her Mavericks Montana Series, my favorite will always be Against The Wall, and her latest “Over The Top” comes a very, very close second.

Dawn Freeze has been in love with Hawk Rain forever, and Hawk has been harboring dreams of making a life with Dawn. But the danger of his covet life keeps him away from her, and Dawn gives him the space to make up his mind yet tempts him to make up his mind or lose her forever.


With intense lust and passion raining between them, hell will freeze over before Hawk lets Dawn slip away from his arms. As sparks intensify, they burn the sheets and they let love consume them. Even as danger lurks around the corner, Hawk lives up to his name of protecting Dawn.

What makes this story stand apart is Rebecca’s writing prowess of wit and humor. This is one of the most fun books that I’ve read as her supporting characters are a riot of laughs and chuckles. I mean who can argue with the Lady Elk Secret Archives of nailing a man and his love, with its insight into the ploys and toys that can be used!

And how can we not fall for these alpha mavericks as they go to no ends to protect their loved ones, even it means to act like crazy teenagers. And don’t forget their sexy and sassy partners who keep them on their toes.

The Freeze family is just a wonderful clan of loving and charming members, with strong family values, morals and unconditional love and support for each other. “Over The Top” left me with so much laughter and dazzled me to no end; a story that I will definitely revisit.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.

Another cute story from Roxanne Snopek’s camp of love stories, “The Millionaire Daddy Project” has the handsome and successful Dane Bergman at a loss when he finds himself at the receiving end of an adorable five-year old girl – his daughter. Playboy days are over and Daddy days leave him in total chaos and stress-filled days and sleepless nights.


And being the charmer her is, he manipulates his ever efficient, perfect and beautiful assistant Pamela Atwater to help him from a fast death and become a devil in the eyes of his daughter. A month long get away on sandy beaches brings lot of growing pains of raising a child, a child missing her dead mother, a playboy who would do anything to become the father his child deserves, and the spark of attraction that ignites between Dane and Pam just adds more sizzle to this book.

I liked Dane as the ruthless successful businessman, yet has the heart of gold. I loved the way Roxanne took the story to a few surprises. It added charm and mystery to the package. Pam was super adorable as the super efficient secretary, always protecting Dane, humble and kind as she helps run the company, and as the woman who lost her heart to her boss, just adds so much more depth to her character.

And I’m not sure what it is, but the ending was just very sweet and apt and had me feeling all mushy and happy! Must be the way Roxanne narrated it, but I loved it and the entire book gives a good feeling of love and romance.

Received an ARC from Entangled Publishing LLC via NetGalley for an honest review

I enjoy reading romances and happily ever afters right along suspense, thrillers and bloodshed. Some love stories are nice, but there are some that become close to your heart, stirs some personal memories and leaves us with a smile and a feeling of happiness.

“Rescued By The Rancher” is another charming story as Meredith Anderson re-unites with her sister Melanie and is all ready to start over. Tall Pines Ranch has been her salvation as Meredith leaves a past of control, power and money that had threatened her sanity and life. As she rebuilds her relationship with her sister, she also rebuilds her strength and confidence, helping Melanie runs her business. And as her confidence grows, so does her love for the handsome cowboy Gage McAllister grows by leaps and bounds.


As the foreman and best friend, Tall Pines has given Gage a new lease of life. A past filled with neglect and abandonment and estranged from his rich father, Gage had a build a life for himself at Tall Pines, and now is smitten with Meredith. Loyal, hardworking and with a heart of gold, Gage is utterly delicious and has no qualms owning to the fact that he Downtown Abbey is his favorite show!

Two people hurting from painful pasts and with a sleuth of insecurities in their lives, the only thing that makes them happy is the desire and love that seems to grow between them. One night stand becomes all nights and with a promise of a future on the horizon.

As a first time reader of Victoria James, I loved her writing, loved her narration and loved her story line too. “Rescued By The Rancher” is charming, it tugs at your heart and you will admire Meredith for her courage and strength and leaves you with a satisfaction of reading a wonderful love story. Victoria definitely spent time creating Gage and Meredith with all their faults, insecurities and sacrifices to make them as relatable as possible to an everyday couple.

I definitely will be circling back to Victoria James in the future.

Received an ARC from Entangled Publishing LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.

Dang!!! I’m such a sucker for love stories and happily ever-afters, for guys who can work as nannies in all their sexy hide and independent woman who try not asking for help, yet want to be taken care of and doted.

“Just For Appearances”, John MacDonald is helping Rachel Clarke take care of her sons for the summer as she starts a new job, and in return John needs Rachel’s help promoting John’s idea of building Lake Bliss Youth Center. Just for appearances they are employer and employee.


But they have a history between them. They have unresolved issues between them and they have unanswered questions that need closure. Yet the desire, passion and love is one thing that remained constant between them, and that is one thing now that has them in each other’s arms. Then again at the end of summer, will love be enough to hold John to Rachel and Lake Bliss, and is Rachel strong enough to nurse a broken heart the second time round….or is everything just for appearance?

This is just one of most sweetest love stories I’ve read recently. Jenna Rutland gives John and Rachel an amazing characterization of the most adorable couple. Rachel as the single mother raising three boys is just pure golden and John with his open heart, support and intuition is perfect as the nanny and a confidant to the boys and their needs.

Jenna does a super fine job with the narration and the flow of the story. It’s charming, its emotional, its witty and one heck of a romantic read for everyone!

“Just For Appearances” will be appearing on shelves on April 14, 2015.

Received an ARC from Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley for an honest review.

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