Another cute story from Roxanne Snopek’s camp of love stories, “The Millionaire Daddy Project” has the handsome and successful Dane Bergman at a loss when he finds himself at the receiving end of an adorable five-year old girl – his daughter. Playboy days are over and Daddy days leave him in total chaos and stress-filled days and sleepless nights.


And being the charmer her is, he manipulates his ever efficient, perfect and beautiful assistant Pamela Atwater to help him from a fast death and become a devil in the eyes of his daughter. A month long get away on sandy beaches brings lot of growing pains of raising a child, a child missing her dead mother, a playboy who would do anything to become the father his child deserves, and the spark of attraction that ignites between Dane and Pam just adds more sizzle to this book.

I liked Dane as the ruthless successful businessman, yet has the heart of gold. I loved the way Roxanne took the story to a few surprises. It added charm and mystery to the package. Pam was super adorable as the super efficient secretary, always protecting Dane, humble and kind as she helps run the company, and as the woman who lost her heart to her boss, just adds so much more depth to her character.

And I’m not sure what it is, but the ending was just very sweet and apt and had me feeling all mushy and happy! Must be the way Roxanne narrated it, but I loved it and the entire book gives a good feeling of love and romance.

Received an ARC from Entangled Publishing LLC via NetGalley for an honest review