I’ve been waiting a while to read Hawk’s and Dawn’s very own happy ending and Rebecca Zanetti doesn’t disappoint at all. Of all the books in her Mavericks Montana Series, my favorite will always be Against The Wall, and her latest “Over The Top” comes a very, very close second.

Dawn Freeze has been in love with Hawk Rain forever, and Hawk has been harboring dreams of making a life with Dawn. But the danger of his covet life keeps him away from her, and Dawn gives him the space to make up his mind yet tempts him to make up his mind or lose her forever.


With intense lust and passion raining between them, hell will freeze over before Hawk lets Dawn slip away from his arms. As sparks intensify, they burn the sheets and they let love consume them. Even as danger lurks around the corner, Hawk lives up to his name of protecting Dawn.

What makes this story stand apart is Rebecca’s writing prowess of wit and humor. This is one of the most fun books that I’ve read as her supporting characters are a riot of laughs and chuckles. I mean who can argue with the Lady Elk Secret Archives of nailing a man and his love, with its insight into the ploys and toys that can be used!

And how can we not fall for these alpha mavericks as they go to no ends to protect their loved ones, even it means to act like crazy teenagers. And don’t forget their sexy and sassy partners who keep them on their toes.

The Freeze family is just a wonderful clan of loving and charming members, with strong family values, morals and unconditional love and support for each other. “Over The Top” left me with so much laughter and dazzled me to no end; a story that I will definitely revisit.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.