Loss, trauma and pain sometimes create the most beautiful of music and sometimes real life events and experiences give birth to some amazing stories of compassion, grit, will power along with the unconditional love and support of families and friends, as they stand behind their loved ones.

In the latest release of the Kelly Brothers Series, “A Seductive Melody”, Crista McHugh takes us on a journey with Ethan Kelly, the musician of the Kelly family. Ethan loses his best friend to drugs and his ability to make music, and as a last-ditch effort to save his life from the vice, goes into rehab. His journey of sobriety is not easy and he goes through pangs of pain and depravation. His only ally in this fight to stay alive is Rebecca Shores. Can he trust her with his second lease of life?

Rebecca Shores is a recovering addict, a far cry from the life of the socialite she had lived and was unsuccessful in pleasing her father. She works for a magazine waiting for that one chance to make a name for her. She ends up being Ethan’s sponsor. And right here she has the story of her career, to take her into the big leagues as she comes to know Ethan’s true identity. Can she betray Ethan’s trust?


Together they go through the turbulent times of substance depravation, anonymous meetings and temptations that may take them over the ledge of no recovery. With Becca’s unrelenting support and will power, Ethan manages to stay away from cravings and slowly starts writing music on his own. Becca on the other hand with Ethan’s support, goes through the pain of dealing with her father and their past. Crista did a brilliant job of writing Ethan and Becca.

I loved how Crista incorporated her experiences through her profession in real life and what drug addicts go through. It not only changes their lives, but also the lives of the ones around them. She also gives us a glimpse of how the people react to addicts and recovering addicts, whether it is family or strangers. She teaches us that, it takes courage, will power and compassion to overcome addiction, and it takes a whole lot than just going to a few meetings.

Another impressive and inspiring story from Crista McHugh, a definite read!

Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.