I’ve always enjoyed reading the “Mine Series” by Cynthia Eden, and her new addition to the series, “Mine To Have” is no exception. With a lot of twists and surprising revelations, Cynthia does an amazing job of bringing the past into the current to a new future, all the while holding a tight grip on the storyline, and does not even falter for a second.

Saxon Black has been working undercover for years for the FBI, and it reaches a point where he forgets who the real Saxon Black is. His final assignment before he quits the world of undercover is to rescue a hostage and wash off his hands and walk away to a new life waiting for him.

Easier said than done! Saxon barges in to save Elizabeth Ward and ends up with feelings he’s forgotten he had. Elizabeth Ward has no idea there is a contract out on her head, and that she should have been dead along with her parents, a couple of years ago.


The danger and the adrenaline keep Saxon and Elizabeth in close proximity and they end up falling for each other and saving each other’s lives. One of the reason I love Cynthia Eden’s writings is that no matter how short or long her books, she always manages to create a good character sketch. She tends introduce them in the previous books and we get a glimpse of what’s coming ahead and already have a rough outline of their personalities. I, for one love that it adds more depth and individuality to her characters

Mine To Have is a rollercoaster ride of betrayal within the law enforcement; secrets buried deep and the true identity of Elizabeth Ward. It is a passionate ride of lust and love, possession and jealousy and evil and good. Mine To Have (and Mine Series) are stories of relationships built through hearts, friendships cemented with unconditional trust and protecting families and their own with every breath of their beings.

Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.