I like when writers test the boundaries of their creativity. Venturing into areas they may not be sure yet brave enough to test the waters. Something for readers to be receptive to their favorite authors and enjoy the shades of their writings.

Carly Phillip did warn her readers as she “Dared To Submit” her fourth book in The Dare Series, with BDSM elements and it rolled off with a flourish. It was erotic, sensual and sizzling, but in no way offensive, crude or abusive. In fact it gave the characters a depth of enrichment and an aura of completeness.


Decklan Dare is the cousin from the NY side of the Dare family and brother of Gabe Dare (Dare To Surrender). A NY cop, Decklan thrives on control of his life and emotions. He understands the loss of loved ones, and does not want to ever lose himself to emotions of pain, hurt and betrayal, ever. As much as he is a dominant, he has a heart of gold and never would hurt a single soul. Compassionate, protective and all alpha, he falls for Amanda and her vulnerability.

Amanda Collins takes one look at Decklan in a BDSM club and knew she was in serious trouble. Not into relationships, she gets off her urges under the disguise of submissive role-playing. Holding a great job as an assistant to her best friend in Washington who happens to be gay and role-playing as his girlfriend for public appearances, she takes on Decklan with no strings attached. 

But love finds a way through their hearts and before long, they fall in love with each other, yet not confessing to their feelings and skirting around any commitment. Carly did a fabulous job of portraying Decklan and Amanda with their insecurities and hang-ups. With sizzling chemistry between them, Dare to Submit is a passionate ride of testing sexual boundaries, tenderness and love, support and commitment. It’s a Carly Phillips story of humor, charm and wit, with a healthy dose of carnal sensuality.

Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.