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Talk about addiction and that would be the The Dare Series by Carly Phillips!! The Dare siblings are as addictive as vintage wine, sinful as black forest cake and utterly scrumptious with their faults and all.


Book seven the series rocks with Carly Phillips signature narration and weaving a story of long lost love and friendship that finds way back to Avery Dare and Grey Kingston. High school sweethearts, life separates them taking them on different paths. But with fame also comes a time that makes one realize what’s missing in life and famous rock star Grey Kingston wants his Avery back.

With a turbulent childhood that never seems to go away, Avery Dare has made a name for herself as a professional blogger and a woman who has braved the truth of a second family of siblings. Her heart forever belongs to Grey and his love and strength gives her courage to face the demons of a past that threatens her present and future.

As Grey and Avery romance their way to falling all over in love with each again, jealousy and despair seem to threaten their relationship. With family rallying around them, Avery and Grey make a beautiful couple that rocks our world of reading.

Carly Phillips as always brings out the nuances of a family, the dynamics of having stepsiblings and the emotions that portray the fears and insecurities surrounding them. She pays special attention to the characters giving them individuality. Avery’s confrontation with her father is something to read and enjoy.

Can’t wait for the next Dare to fall at the heels of love!

Received an ARC from CP Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review.

Let’s talk animal magnetism, scorching heat between the sheets, passion off the charts, patience and determination taking the front row, and two amazing people meant to be together, mind, body, and soul!

Julianna Perez has come a long way from being a teenage mother to raising her son single handedly with courage, perseverance and believing in herself. With her son Anthony as her driving force for survival, she works three jobs to make ends meet, and she has completely and solely relied on herself for making a life for herself and her son. Forget about dating or having a relationship for the past ten years, she neither had the time or the desire to think of a man in her life.


For that very reason, Julianna is surprised with her reaction to Cole Carson, quarterback for the Miami Thunders. Cole is the epitome of the perfect athlete with healthy an appetite for play and women. As much as he enjoys the perks of his status, he’s got a heart of gold that goes along with his drop dead gorgeous personality. Lacking no dearth for female company, if a combination of Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara comes face-to-face, all Carson can do is not to fall at Julianna’s feet and beg her to marry him.

And thus starts a daring game of pursuing the woman of his dreams and giving a chance to the attraction that beguiled him, and a foundation to make a future together. No easy task for Mr. Alpha, as Julianna has her walls up protecting her from repeating past mistakes and terrible pain. Her world revolves around her famous lists and her ten-year old son, a son who is more than happy to share his mother with Cole, doling out her secrets.

The sister duo of Melanie and Shawna have upped their ante delving into the depths of passion and the fire that burns behind closed doors. Lists are made, fantasies are lived, family and friends heal pain, and support and trust gives a chance for that love to bury the insecurities to make a better future. The conclusion to that “Daring Attraction” is pure joy and sensual pleasure! Cole and Julianna have been etched with such perfection, literally feels that you are living their life, right along side with them.

‘Daring Attraction’ is part of the writer/author Carly Phillips’ Dare to Love Kindle World, with nine authors weaving stories around the infamous Dare Family, and what a blazing start to the stories coming forth and nothing less than what is expected from Melanie Shawn, a story of passion, love and trust, delectable and delicious, all rolled into a daring romance.

‘Daring Attraction’ will charm the readers on January 20, 2015

Received an ARC from Melanie Shawn for an honest review.

I like when writers test the boundaries of their creativity. Venturing into areas they may not be sure yet brave enough to test the waters. Something for readers to be receptive to their favorite authors and enjoy the shades of their writings.

Carly Phillip did warn her readers as she “Dared To Submit” her fourth book in The Dare Series, with BDSM elements and it rolled off with a flourish. It was erotic, sensual and sizzling, but in no way offensive, crude or abusive. In fact it gave the characters a depth of enrichment and an aura of completeness.


Decklan Dare is the cousin from the NY side of the Dare family and brother of Gabe Dare (Dare To Surrender). A NY cop, Decklan thrives on control of his life and emotions. He understands the loss of loved ones, and does not want to ever lose himself to emotions of pain, hurt and betrayal, ever. As much as he is a dominant, he has a heart of gold and never would hurt a single soul. Compassionate, protective and all alpha, he falls for Amanda and her vulnerability.

Amanda Collins takes one look at Decklan in a BDSM club and knew she was in serious trouble. Not into relationships, she gets off her urges under the disguise of submissive role-playing. Holding a great job as an assistant to her best friend in Washington who happens to be gay and role-playing as his girlfriend for public appearances, she takes on Decklan with no strings attached. 

But love finds a way through their hearts and before long, they fall in love with each other, yet not confessing to their feelings and skirting around any commitment. Carly did a fabulous job of portraying Decklan and Amanda with their insecurities and hang-ups. With sizzling chemistry between them, Dare to Submit is a passionate ride of testing sexual boundaries, tenderness and love, support and commitment. It’s a Carly Phillips story of humor, charm and wit, with a healthy dose of carnal sensuality.

Received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review. 

Families are made not with blood but with love. This has been my belief and shall remain so. Having said that, being adopted, or coming to know of another family that shares your father or mother, is a hardball to swallow. It creates lot of angst, bitterness, hurt and insecurities that need to be resolved before acceptance and forgiveness can make the truth a bit easy to live.

ImageIan Dare is no exception and neither is his stepbrother Alex Dare. Realizing the existence of a second family, by his father had made Ian a hard nut to crack. But then all it takes is one life-changing incident to bring both the families together, on a truce. And all it takes is for Riley to waltz into Ian’s life on his stepbrother’s arm and he wants her in his arms and in his life.

“Dare To Love” was my first book of Carly Phillips and I fell in love with her and the Dare family! Two stubborn individuals and one fiery ride! Riley and Ian have a tough time reconciling to their insecurities and a past that is unpleasant. It is a heartwarming and sizzling journey of passion and love, realization of priorities and trust, taking a step towards a future that is more important than anything else, and to be able to trust each other with that future.

Her second book in the series, “Dare To Desire” went beyond my expectations. In fact it was more electrifying and mesmerizing. I loved Alex, arrogant with a sweet heart, and totally in love with Madison, Riley’s friend. Their journey was more a fast paced thrill of a ride of football and media frenzy, injuries and career ending decisions, a frenzy of lust and love and of second opportunities and opening doors for the less fortunate. Touching other people’s heart, giving them a reason to live, supporting the fallen with a kind gesture, encouraging to go through windows opened– Carly got me by the heart on this!Image

Carly touches a sensitive subject of abandonment in Dare To Desire, and Madison is right in the middle of it. But it was dealt with empathy and a lot of insight. This part of Madison’s life is one of the most emotional and heart-wrenching realities of her present and she constantly struggles to find a balance. I loved Alex for his attention and support for Madison. It was beautifully penned by Carly and I cried reading the conversation between Madison and her mother.

One of my favorite writers 🙂


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