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It’s been a while since I’ve been to Harper Crossing, and isn’t it just wonderful to get a chance to visit Harper Crossing, the Sloans and et al?

“All He Wants” as a retired boxing champion is to be content with his life and working as a security specialist. Billy “The Big Bad Wolf” Marshall was content to come out of boxing in one piece, but his heart is not agreeing with his mind. His love for the hot publicist and his mentor’s daughter Maxine “Alex” Rizzo is what’s keeping him up and now that Alex’s life is threatened, he has to contend with sleepless nights.


Having Billy guard her day and night, 24/7 doesn’t sit well with Alex. And yet she has no choice, as a stalker gets bolder and deadlier. And long buried memories seem to surface that throws Alex into more danger than anyone could have guessed, and this was a very nice surprise suspense that Melanie Shawn penned…. a touch of a left curve!

I am sure I’ve mentioned it several times in the reviews I’ve written for their books, this sister duo of Melanie Shawn are a force to reckon in writing some wonderful stories, seamless and smooth. You really can’t tell which part of the story is written by whom as their minds, imagination and creativity work in tandem. With relatable and lovable characters, down to earth and practical plot, warm and caring characters, “All He Wants” is yet another heartwarming read, and revisiting the Sloans is just icing on the cake!

Again I say you want something charismatic and sweet, irresistible and endearing, lovable and fuzzy…. then all you need to do is grab one of Melanie Shawn’s innumerable romances and enjoy their delicious and steamy love stories.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.



Let’s talk animal magnetism, scorching heat between the sheets, passion off the charts, patience and determination taking the front row, and two amazing people meant to be together, mind, body, and soul!

Julianna Perez has come a long way from being a teenage mother to raising her son single handedly with courage, perseverance and believing in herself. With her son Anthony as her driving force for survival, she works three jobs to make ends meet, and she has completely and solely relied on herself for making a life for herself and her son. Forget about dating or having a relationship for the past ten years, she neither had the time or the desire to think of a man in her life.


For that very reason, Julianna is surprised with her reaction to Cole Carson, quarterback for the Miami Thunders. Cole is the epitome of the perfect athlete with healthy an appetite for play and women. As much as he enjoys the perks of his status, he’s got a heart of gold that goes along with his drop dead gorgeous personality. Lacking no dearth for female company, if a combination of Eva Longoria and Sofia Vergara comes face-to-face, all Carson can do is not to fall at Julianna’s feet and beg her to marry him.

And thus starts a daring game of pursuing the woman of his dreams and giving a chance to the attraction that beguiled him, and a foundation to make a future together. No easy task for Mr. Alpha, as Julianna has her walls up protecting her from repeating past mistakes and terrible pain. Her world revolves around her famous lists and her ten-year old son, a son who is more than happy to share his mother with Cole, doling out her secrets.

The sister duo of Melanie and Shawna have upped their ante delving into the depths of passion and the fire that burns behind closed doors. Lists are made, fantasies are lived, family and friends heal pain, and support and trust gives a chance for that love to bury the insecurities to make a better future. The conclusion to that “Daring Attraction” is pure joy and sensual pleasure! Cole and Julianna have been etched with such perfection, literally feels that you are living their life, right along side with them.

‘Daring Attraction’ is part of the writer/author Carly Phillips’ Dare to Love Kindle World, with nine authors weaving stories around the infamous Dare Family, and what a blazing start to the stories coming forth and nothing less than what is expected from Melanie Shawn, a story of passion, love and trust, delectable and delicious, all rolled into a daring romance.

‘Daring Attraction’ will charm the readers on January 20, 2015

Received an ARC from Melanie Shawn for an honest review.

My Love…my love…my love…my love…keeps me warm!!!! 

I don’t think there can ever be two people more polar opposites than Bobby Sloan and Sophie. Youngest of the Sloan boys, Bobby’s always been the quiet one, never saying much, but always supportive of his family. Love for his family puts his desires on the back burner, with no questions asked. But now the chance to be and become what he had always had a passion for, presents itself and he grabs it, with full encouragement from his family, and a news that he wants to surprise his wife with.

MyLove-CrossRoads-BobbySophie-Nov 2014

Sophie is the talkative, full of life wife that Bobby loves to the end of this earth. She is the lovable, animated woman that loves her husband with a passion and complements his quite demeanor. They are a perfect match made in heaven, leading an uncomplicated life with love, trust and unconditional support of each other. But now Sophie’s discovered some unexpected news, which would change the lives of everyone concerned.

Three years after marriage, and still feeling like newly weds, their love and passion is off the charts, with Bobby being vocal with action, and Sophie matching his desires act to act. But with big bolts of surprises coming in small doses, it’s up to them to accept this life altering change with love and understanding, and have enough faith in each other to overcome fears and doubts.

No matter how many times I read…re-read, the Crossroad Series is one of those quintessential compilation of stories I can never ever get tired of. And the Sloans and Harper’s Crossing are forever going to be etched as my top favorites.

A charming and nostalgic novella perfectly timed for the holidays!

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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I've lived, I've loved, I've lost, I've missed, I've trusted, I've hurt, I've made mistakes. But most of all, I've learned.

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