It’s been a while since I’ve been to Harper Crossing, and isn’t it just wonderful to get a chance to visit Harper Crossing, the Sloans and et al?

“All He Wants” as a retired boxing champion is to be content with his life and working as a security specialist. Billy “The Big Bad Wolf” Marshall was content to come out of boxing in one piece, but his heart is not agreeing with his mind. His love for the hot publicist and his mentor’s daughter Maxine “Alex” Rizzo is what’s keeping him up and now that Alex’s life is threatened, he has to contend with sleepless nights.


Having Billy guard her day and night, 24/7 doesn’t sit well with Alex. And yet she has no choice, as a stalker gets bolder and deadlier. And long buried memories seem to surface that throws Alex into more danger than anyone could have guessed, and this was a very nice surprise suspense that Melanie Shawn penned…. a touch of a left curve!

I am sure I’ve mentioned it several times in the reviews I’ve written for their books, this sister duo of Melanie Shawn are a force to reckon in writing some wonderful stories, seamless and smooth. You really can’t tell which part of the story is written by whom as their minds, imagination and creativity work in tandem. With relatable and lovable characters, down to earth and practical plot, warm and caring characters, “All He Wants” is yet another heartwarming read, and revisiting the Sloans is just icing on the cake!

Again I say you want something charismatic and sweet, irresistible and endearing, lovable and fuzzy…. then all you need to do is grab one of Melanie Shawn’s innumerable romances and enjoy their delicious and steamy love stories.

Received an ARC from the author for an honest review.